Transform Your Collections into Holiday Gift Guides

According to a 2022 survey conducted by Criteo, more than half of Gen Z and Millennials are planning to spend more online this year than they did in 2021.1 This increase presents more opportunities for Artist Shop owners to boost their traffic and conversion rate. One way of guiding your customers into making purchase decisions is to create holiday gift guides.

The Collections feature in your Artist Dashboard lets you make a unique landing page in your shop for designs and products that share a common theme. The goals of each collection are to help shoppers find what they want quicker, to narrow down their search, and to enhance the shopping experience.

Before we give you ideas on topics and themes for your holiday gift guides, let’s go over how to create a collection in your Artist Shop.

Create a collection in five easy steps.

1. Go to the Collections page and enter the title, description, and tags. Also consider adding a “Card Image” that captures the spirit of your collection. More on the banner later!

Collections page

2. Add products and designs that fit the theme of your collection.

Add designs

3. Arrange your products the order you’d like your audience to view them.

Arrange products

4. OPTIONAL. Design and add a custom banner that is unique to your collection. Below you can see artist Ego Rodriguez’s banner for their “Pop Heads” collection, which blends into the shop’s background colors for a seamless appearance.

Not only does a banner reinforce your branding, it also looks damn good.

Ego Rodriguez’s “Pop Heads” Collection

5. Publish your collection! Simple as that.

Tailor your holiday gift guides to different types of shoppers.

A gift guide reduces the time and effort it takes for shoppers to find thoughtful gifts for their loved ones. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all guide that meets the needs of every customer. Learn more about the different types of holiday shoppers and how you can tailor your gift guides just for them.

Early Birds

Gift-Givers on a Mission

Bargain Hunters

Bulk Buyers

Ethical Shoppers


Take your holiday gift guides to the next level.

Now that you know the basics of creating collections, here are some additional tips on how to make your holiday gift guides even more effective at driving conversions in your shop.

Spruce up your collection with a mix of lifestyle imagery, flat lays, and normal product images for variation. Seasonally relevant lifestyle photography helps customers envision your products as gifts and could motivate them to buy.

Promote your holiday gift guides alongside sales in your shop. You can easily download images of products in your collection using the Promo Tools feature. Then, share them on social media and include a link to your holiday gift guide!

Showcase your gift guides in your email newsletter. Don’t have one yet? Learn the anatomy of the perfect newsletter as well as email-marketing strategies for beginners.

While you’re promoting your holiday gift guides to your followers, remember that your Artist Shop is a small business with unique gifts that can’t be found on Amazon. According to a study by Red Egg Marketing, approximately 83% of shoppers said they would rather support local shops and small businesses than a large corporation.2 More reason for you to promote your shop and give your followers another option for holiday shopping.

Come back to Creative Resources for more guidance on how to prep and promote your shop for the holiday season.

FOOTNOTES: 1. Criteo – How Consumers will Shop this Holiday and Festive Season: Global Survey Insights 2. Red Egg Marketing – Local Business Consumer Sentiment Study

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