Top 10 Trending Keywords in the Marketplace This Summer

If you started your own Artist Shop with the goal of growing your art business, the Threadless Marketplace will help you get discovered. One way you can use it to attract new customers is by creating designs around search terms that are currently trending. If you’re interested in this strategy, we’ve gathered a list of popular keywords that have been trending in the Marketplace this summer.

Before we start, here are a few things you should know about the Threadless Marketplace:

It’s curated by our community. Members score designs and Threadless chooses among the highest-rated to include in the catalog.

It’s your choice to be considered or not. Go to your shop settings and turn on “Allow my shop’s products to be considered in the Threadless Marketplace” if you’re interested. Please note, opting in will not guarantee your designs will be included in the Threadless catalog.

DON’T FORGET to tag your designs with relevant keywords. Do this every time you add designs to your Artist Shop. This makes it easier for Marketplace shoppers to find your art when they enter related search terms. Learn more about tagging your designs.

Now, onto the top 10 trending keywords in the Marketplace this summer. These popular search terms will give you a sense of what Threadless shoppers are looking for this time of the year. Tailoring your designs to their preferences and browsing behavior could help your shop get more traffic and potentially increase your sales. If you already have designs in your shop that fit these keywords, go back and make sure they’re properly tagged! Without further ado…

10. Cute

Design inspiration/related keywords: cartoons, kawaii, animals, animals acting like people, kittens, puppies, puns, playful humor, rainbows, unicorns, love, falling in love, family, babies

9. Typography

Design inspiration/related keywords: motivational, inspirational, mantras, slogans, activism, humor, edgy, political, calligraphy, cursive, bubble fonts, retro fonts

8. Food

Design inspiration/related keywords: ramen, pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, beer, fruits, veggies, pineapples, mushrooms, dessert, cupcakes, birthday cake

7. Retro

Design inspiration/related keywords: ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, vaporwave, movie posters, travel ads, old technology, glitch art, children’s books, muscle cars, pop art, retro comics, pinups

6. Animals

Design inspiration/related keywords: cats, dogs, birds, fish, foxes, unicorns, wolves, squirrels, raccoons, opossum, sharks, penguins, dinosaurs, cryptids, mythological, octopus, bears, kaiju

5. Nature

Design inspiration/related keywords: landscapes, forests, beaches, mountains, rainbows, ocean, camping, hiking, outdoors, cottagecore, mushrooms, plants, trees, national parks

4. Cats

Design inspiration/related keywords: kittens, black cats, black magic, Lucky Cat, purring, meowing, kneading, grooming, batting around yarn, litter boxes, cat memes, introvert, goth

3. Abstract

Design inspiration/related keywords: geometric shapes, glitch art, trippy, psychedelic, symbolism, minimalism, surrealism, cubism, dadaism, fauvism, patterns

2. Space

Design inspiration/related keywords: astronauts, planets, moon, sun, constellations, space travel, retrofuturistic, sci-fi, aliens, extraterrestrial, future technology, terraforming, travel ads

1. Funny

Design inspiration/related keywords: dark humor, internet humor, dad jokes, puns, wordplay, one-liners, comics, political cartoons, satire, memes

As you’ve probably noticed, many of the top trending keywords this summer are broad themes. If you target those alone, you’ll be facing a lot of competition from all of the similarly themed designs already in the Marketplace. This makes it difficult to stand out to customers. So, when you target a broad keyword like “funny,” also tag your designs with more specific keywords like “dad jokes” or “internet humor.”

Most importantly, make sure your keywords are relevant to your designs. Using random keywords that don’t make sense will negatively impact the shopping experience. And that doesn’t help anyone!

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