What’s New? 6 Ways We’ve Made Artist Shops Better for You

We’re committed to being a trusted partner for your art. That’s why we’re always cooking up something new for Artist Shops. In recent months, we’ve launched multiple features and updates to improve your experience selling art on our platform. We understand that it’s easy to miss announcements about these new improvements, so we want to make sure they land on your radar. Here are six ways we’ve recently made Artist Shops better for you.

1. New Feature: Custom Department Names

The five default Department Names in Artist Shops mirror common e-commerce conventions: Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Home, and Accessories. But those categories might not represent the shopping experience you want to deliver to your customers. Now, from your Artist Shop Settings, you can easily edit your Department Names to make your shop as personal as your art. With this new customization feature, you can:

  • Make your shop gender neutral. Renaming gendered apparel categories such as “Men’s” and “Women’s” will make your shop more inclusive to all gender identities.
  • Add additional branding to your shop. Have fun with your Department Names so they better match the tone and voice of your brand. You could even change “Kids” to “Slugs,” if that’s your vibe!
  • Highlight specific products in your shop. For example, if you specialize solely in Face Mask designs, change “Accessories” to “Face Masks.”

Need more ideas on how to update your Department Navigation Settings? Visit our Artist Shops Help Page for additional suggestions for customizing Department Names within your Artist Shop.

2. New Feature: Search Functionality

New Feature - Search Functionality

As you add more designs to your shop, it becomes increasingly difficult for customers to find specific designs they might’ve seen you promote on Instagram or in your email newsletter. To help solve this inconvenience, we added a new Search feature to Artist Shops. To activate it, go to your Artist Shop Settings and toggle on “Enable Search Interface.”

Once you’ve turned on the feature, you’ll see the Search button added to the end of the Navigation bar in your shop. On the Search Page, there will be a search bar to enter keywords, tags, or design names. Your customers can also sort designs by New (most recently uploaded) or Popular (top-selling).

Pro Tip: You can copy your New and Popular URLs and link to them in promotional social-media posts and emails.

3. New AAPI Charities Added to Threadless Causes

New AAPI Charities Added to Threadless Causes

An appalling rise of hate crimes continues across the Asian community. Threadless stands against Anti-Asian racism and violence, and is committed to shedding more light on the issue. To show our support and solidarity, we added six new charities to Threadless Causes, under Racial Injustice. Each organization makes an impact in Asian-American and Pacific-Islander communities. Join us in supporting these organizations:

Like with all of our Causes, Threadless is also matching collective donations up to $100,000. Refer to our Artist Shops Help Page to learn how to fundraise for important Causes with your shop.

4. New Cause: Environment

New Cause - Environment

Continuing the theme of Threadless Causes, we recently added Environment to our list of Causes you can support. Each organization associated with Environment does critical work around the world to reduce pollution, defend wildlife, and conserve land and water. Learn more about each organization:

You guessed it—Threadless is also matching donations up to $100,000 for this Cause. Join us in fundraising for organizations protecting the environment for future generations to come!

5. New Size-Inclusive Product: Scoop Neck Tee

New Size-Inclusive Product - Scoop Neck Tee

When shopping, every customer deserves the same experience of finding a unique, stylish article of clothing they know will fit them comfortably. We’re one step closer to size-inclusivity with the launch of the new feminine-cut Scoop Neck Regular T-Shirt! It’s available exclusively in sizes 1X–4X (equivalent to women’s sizes 14–28). This 100% ringspun cotton shirt also has a side-seam construction and soft shape to compliment all figures. Add it to your shop today!

6. New Feature: “Manage This Product” Button

New Feature - "Manage This Product" Button

When you’re logged into your account and view one of your products from your Artist Shop or in the Threadless Marketplace, you’ll notice a “Manage This Product” button. We recently added this button to give you easy admin access to your design’s management page in your Artist Dashboard. Coupled with the new Artist Shop search feature, the new button allows for lightning-fast product management! Also, keep in mind that only you can see this button.

All things considered, these new features and updates will improve your customers’ shopping experience, strengthen your brand, and help you make an impact with your art. However, we have even more new features on the way! Come back to Creative Resources for announcements on all the new stuff we’re launching.

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