You Can Help Protect the Environment with Your Art

Why should we care about the environment? The answer is simple. It provides us and all living species with the natural resources we need for survival, good health, and quality of life. It’s our duty to protect the environment so it may continue providing for future generations to come. But what can you do as an artist to raise awareness for environmental issues and make an impact in the world?

One option to consider is Threadless Causes. This Artist Shops feature lets you donate a portion of your earnings from the sale of any design you select in your shop. The designated proceeds will benefit a Cause and charity of your choosing. Our newly launched Environment Cause specifically supports organizations working to reduce pollution, defend wildlife, and conserve land and water. And just like with our other Causes, Threadless is matching collective donations up to $100,000!

Environment designs
Environment designs: “Nocovacancy (Big Sign)” by highlyirie, “Sun Leaves And Rain” by WeirdPeople, and “Bartlett Pearrot” by artThouHilder

If you’re interested in joining our fundraising efforts for the environment, the planet appreciates you! Earth Day is coming up on April 22, so now is a great time to start creating and adding new designs supporting the Environment Cause. You have an opportunity to create awesome art that resonates with Threadless shoppers while their minds are on environmentalism. Keep reading for guidance on setting up Threadless Causes and tips for creating new designs promoting the environment.

Quick Refresh: How to Set Up Causes

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. We swear! In fact, you can add a Cause to any existing design in your shop by following four simple steps:

1. In your Artist Dashboard, go to your Products page and select the design you want to donate proceeds from.

Products page

2. Under Causes & Charities, select the Cause and charity you want to support. Then, click “Add Charity.”

Design page

3. Select the percentage of earnings you want to donate. Then, click “Save Changes.”

Design page
NOTE: Once you’ve set the amount you want to donate, that portion is automatically routed to the organization each time you sell the design. There’s nothing extra you need to do!

4. Save your updates. Now you’re done!

Design page

For more information on adding Causes and charities to your designs, refer to our Threadless Causes Help Page.

Finding Creative Inspiration for Your Environment Designs

In addition to fundraising for amazing charities, Causes is a way for you to raise awareness with your art. In the spirit of shedding light on important initiatives, we encourage you to make new designs inspired by the Cause you’re supporting. Luckily, the environment is fertile ground for creative inspiration! Whatever route you choose to go, don’t abandon your unique style. Your art is why the Threadless community loves you! Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Think about environmental issues. Climate change, deforestation, pollution, food waste—the list goes on and on. Consider focusing on a specific issue and finding ways to address it through the lens of your art. 
  • Think about the beauty of nature. From sweeping mountain ranges to lush forests, the great outdoors give us plenty of picturesque scenery to explore and enjoy. You can use your appreciation as a starting point. Common outdoorsy designs made by our community include landscapes, floral patterns, and adventure-themed art.
  • Think about your favorite animals. A main focus of conservation is protecting the habitats of at-risk species. You can raise awareness for these efforts with designs inspired by the cutest, cuddliest, fiercest, most-magnificent creatures.
  • Still nothing coming to mind? You can always donate earnings from an existing design in your shop. It doesn’t have to be environment-related, but relevancy is definitely a plus!
Environment designs
Environment designs: “The Musical Fox” by 38Sunsets, “Birds with Arms” by Gintron, and “Even a Gentleman Rides” by mikekoubou

After you’ve created and uploaded your new designs, make sure to properly tag them with logical keywords. For example, if you have a rabbit design, add tags such as “rabbit” and “bunny.” This will make it easier for customers to find your designs in the Threadless Marketplace when they search for those particular keywords.

Organizations You Can Support Today (Updated 03/24/21)

This list is ever-evolving. We’re always adding new Causes and charities so we can make a difference in even more communities around the world. If you have a suggestion for a Cause or charity you would like to see, please tell us here.

  • Eden Reforestation Projects aims to plant a minimum of 500 million trees a year by hiring local villagers to grow, plant, and guard trees to maturity.
  • Oceana works to make our oceans more abundant by winning policy campaigns in the countries that govern much of the world’s marine life. 
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF) helps conserve natural resources in local communities, enacts sustainable policies, and protects species and their habitats.
  • The Nature Conservancy has a team of more than 400 scientists who lead conservation efforts in 72 countries and territories.
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) fights for each person’s right to clean air, clean water, and a healthy community.
  • National Audubon Society protects birds and their habitats using science, grassroots advocacy, education, and on-the-grounds conservation.
  • Defenders of Wildlife protects and restores endangered species and their habitats, and advocates for imperiled wildlife on Capitol Hill and in the courts.
  • Greenpeace helps confront systems that threaten our environment to pave the way towards a greener, more peaceful world.

Don’t Keep it a Secret

If you choose to fundraise with Threadless Causes, share the news with your followers on social media! Tell them why the Cause is important to you. Let them know that when they purchase your designs, they’re helping fund great organizations protecting the environment. Get them amped to shop with purpose! Here are some tips on crafting an effective post on social media:

  • Post images of your new designs. If you have lifestyle photos, that’s even better!
  • Write a thoughtful caption and make it clear that you’re fundraising for an important Cause.
  • Tag the organizations you’re supporting so your followers can find them and see the important work they’re doing.
  • Link or direct your followers to your Artist Shop. This step is important!
  • Include relevant hashtags to reach new audiences.

Your art has the power to not only move people, but also drive meaningful action in communities around the world. Come back to Creative Resources for announcements and updates about Threadless Causes. If you don’t already have an Artist Shop (how’d you make it this far?), you can sign up here and start fundraising in minutes!

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