Make Your Shop Size-Inclusive with the New Scoop Neck Tee

At Threadless, we want shoppers with all body types wearing the incredible art made by our Artist Shops community. Every customer deserves the same shopping experience of finding a unique, stylish article of clothing they know will fit them comfortably. We’re now one step closer to size-inclusivity with the launch of our new feminine-cut Scoop Neck Regular Tee! It’s available exclusively in sizes 1X–4X (equivalent to women’s sizes 14–28). If you’re an Artist Shop owner, you can—and absolutely should—add this shirt to your apparel lineup today.

Scoop Neck shirts aren’t new to Artist Shops, but this one is, and we want you to get to know it. What’s it made out of? How’s it constructed? On a scale of 1 to freshly laundered angel wings, how soft is it? Knowing these details will help you promote Scoop Neck Regular Tees to your customers and generate excitement. Without further ado, meet our newest product!

“Ramen Ramen Ramen” by Frederick_Jay, “I Have Plans” by dnice25, and “Guardian of Secrets” by makart
“Ramen Ramen Ramen” by Frederick_Jay, “I Have Plans” by dnice25, and “Guardian of Secrets” by makart

The Scoop on Scoop Neck Regular Tees

The best t-shirts are the ones you can wear any time, whether you’re lounging around the house or running around town. The Scoop Neck Regular Tee definitely fits the bill. There are a few secrets to its comfortable, everyday style. First off, most colors of the shirt are made from 100% ringspun cotton that feels incredibly soft against skin. Secondly, the shirt has a side-seam construction that drapes more naturally on bodies than seamless, tubular shirts. I mean, it makes sense if you think about it. Humans don’t look like tubes!

In addition to complimenting all body types, the t-shirt has an array of features that contribute to its everyday appeal. Look at the image below to learn more.

Scoop Neck Education

How to Add Scoop Neck Regular Tees to Your Artist Shop

There are a few ways you can manually add these tees to your shop. And luckily, they’re both easy!

Add Them as New Products

1. Open the Product Creation Tool, upload your new design, and fill out the required fields.

2. In the Select Products section, filter down the products to Add Apparel, Home and Accessories→Apparel→Women’s.

3. In the Women’s dropdown, check the “Scoop Neck – Regular” box. You can also click “Select All” to apply your design to all available styles of women’s shirts and sweatshirts.

4. Complete the product creation process.

Add Them to Existing Products

1. Go to Manage Your Products and click your design to open its dedicated page.

Manage Your Products

2. In the navigation menu below your design image, click “Women’s.” Then, scroll down to Scoop Neck – Regular.

Manage Your Products

3. Select the specific colors you want to add, or click “Add All” to make all colors available for your design.

Manage Your Products

4. Save your updates!

You Added Scoop Necks to Your Shop. Now What?

Spread the word to your followers! Adding size-inclusive apparel to your shop can have a major positive impact on your customers’ shopping experience. News of this magnitude could excite your longtime supporters and open up your shop to a whole new audience. Here are a few ways you can get the word out about your new Women’s Scoop Neck Regular Tees.

In the near future, we plan to expand our product selection even further with more size-inclusive apparel. Come back to Creative Resources for announcements on new products.

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