Double Your Earnings with Face Masks in April!

The pandemic continues to have a financial impact on independent artists and small businesses across the globe. At Threadless, we’re determined to help our artist community offset those financial losses any way we can. That’s why we’re doubling shop owner earnings on all Face Mask sales for the entire month of April! This amazing earnings opportunity is only available to Artist Shop owners opted into Managed Pricing and Promotions (MPP).

If you decide to opt into MPP, here’s how your Face Mask earnings will look during non-promotional times and during a 15% off MPP promotion:

Face Mask Earnings

Even though you earn double, Threadless donates a portion of our net proceeds to Medshare, providing critical medical supplies and equipment to communities in need across the globe. This donation does not come out of your artist earnings, though you can choose to donate directly through Threadless Causes. We’ve raised over $500,000 already and are on our way to a goal of $750,000.

How to Take Advantage of the Earnings Boost

In order to participate, you must opt your Artist Shop into Managed Pricing and Promotions (MPP). Please note, this earnings boost is exclusive to Artist Shops and does not apply to items sold in the Threadless Marketplace.

What is Managed Pricing and Promotions?

It’s an Artist Shops feature that gives Threadless permission to automatically run sales and promotions in your shop so you can spend more time doing what you do best—making art. Harnessing our rich customer data, our team of marketing professionals plans and executes an optimized promotions calendar. This incentivizes the shopping experience for your customers during strategic times such as holidays and special events. It can also help your sales grow!

Opting into MPP is simple. All you have to do is go to your Artist Shop settings and toggle on “Let Threadless manage my Artist Shop’s pricing and promotions.”

Management Settings

Visit our help page for more detailed instructions. Also, refer to our Creative Resources post on how this feature can benefit your shop.

Don’t have an Artist Shop?

Artist Shops provides the best and easiest platform for you to sell your art in your own customized online store—for free! It only takes minutes to sign up and create hundreds of print-on-demand apparel, home decor, and accessories. We’d love to welcome you to our eclectic artist community, which includes digital illustrators, comic book artists, musicians, nonprofit charities, and more. Sign up today and start selling your art!

Double Your Earnings

Next Step: Promote, Promote, Promote!

Did you opt into Managed Pricing and Promotions? If so, you will reap the benefits of the earnings boost starting April 1! But to really take advantage of the double-your-earnings offer, you should promote your Face Masks like you never have before. Make your Face Masks a focal point everywhere your followers frequent most, from your shop to your social media profiles.

Follow these four tips to get the word out and maximize your sales.

1. Take lifestyle photos of your Face Masks.

You can easily download promotional images of your Face Masks using the Promo Tools feature in your Artist Dashboard. However, lifestyle photos are what will grab the most attention from your followers. Lifestyle photography enables customers to envision how your products will fit in their everyday lives. This alone could motivate them to make a purchase!

Don’t think you need to be a professional photographer to snap a lifestyle photo. In fact, all you really need is a smartphone, some good lighting, and a friend willing to model your products. Refer to our post on how to take awesome lifestyle photos with your phone.

We’ve also created a handful of custom lifestyle overlay images that you are welcome to use. If you’re looking for even more options, PlaceIt is a great site that offers downloadable lifestyle images. We even arranged for you to get 20% off a monthly subscription using this link.

2. Blast out your promotional images on social media.

People practically live on social media nowadays, so reaching out to them on Instagram, Twitter, and other popular apps is pretty much like knocking on their door. Post your sweet new lifestyle images on social and pepper your captions with relevant hashtags so new customers can find your work. And don’t forget, always include a direct link to your Artist Shop!

Glitch Goods by Rob Sheridan Instagram

3. Update your Homepage Collection.

There are so many elements of your homepage that you can customize. The Homepage Collection builder in your Artist Dashboard enables you to choose which products to feature on your homepage, as well as the order in which they appear. Showcase your most popular Face Masks and place them high on the list so customers find them quicker. This is also a great place for your lifestyle photography.

4. Promote Face Masks in your email newsletter.

Don’t have an email newsletter? Refer to our Creative Resources posts on how to create the perfect newsletter and strategies for email marketing. An email newsletter is a useful way to notify your customers of new products and designs. It can also drive traffic to your Artist Shop, which means greater potential for sales.

Email Marketing Illustration

We’d like to thank you for everything you contribute to the Threadless community! Independent artists are what makes Threadless so special, and we want you to know that we have your back. We hope this earnings boost helps you navigate these strange times and motivates you to create more incredible art!

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