5 Hacks to Grow Your Online Business

Running a successful online business requires strategy. It’s not a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. If you’re continually focused on improving your customer experience, from the way your brand’s expressed on your homepage to the kinds of products you offer and the frequency with which you add new art, then you’ll likely see repeat shoppers and increased traffic over time. We’ve gathered the latest Artist Shops hacks artists are using to ensure their brands stand out, their art’s well represented on each product, and more. Read on for tips to up the ante on your shop’s potential.   

Opt into Managed Pricing 

With the Managed Pricing setting in your Artist Shop, you’re able to join Threadless in our strategic promotions throughout the year. We set and manage your product pricing in the Threadless Discover Marketplace, so your designs can be included and found during our sales. It’s a great opportunity to get new customers coming from Threadless.com to explore your Artist Shop in Discover. To opt into Managed Pricing, go to your settings page in your Artist Shop dashboard and toggle the button to the right next to “Let Threadless Manage My Discover Prices” then click the save button. Read more about the benefits and pricing structure of Managed Pricing in this useful resource

Get Creative with Cut & Sew Tees

Artists are really breaking the mold when it comes to creatively expressing their work on apparel with cut and sew t-shirts. If you don’t have this product in your shop yet, you’re missing an opportunity to play with your designs across an entire garment. Add cut and sew tees by including them as a new product in your Artist Shop dashboard, but read more about how to expertly feature your designs on these all-over prints in this help article

Artists are using the caps of the sleeves to feature their logos, filling the shirt’s background with a pattern while featuring an image on the front, and using the back and sleeves for other surprising graphics placements. These tees can take whatever design genius you have in mind. Add them to your shop and give your customers a chance to wear your art in a completely different way.       

FMWJ cut and sew t-shirt design
FMWJ uses the sleeve of cut and sew tees to feature his logo.
Steven Rhodes cut and sew t-shirt design
Steven Rhodes uses the sleeves and background of cut and sew tees to feature patterns and graphics. 

Use Gift Certificates for Incentives and Giveaways 

A simple but thoughtful incentive, gift certificates thank fans for their loyalty and encourage them to explore your designs. Customers can use Threadless gift certificates in your shop just like a discount code or their own credit card. Reach out to our customer service team via email to order the value amount and quantity of your gift certificates. Consider grabbing a bunch at a low dollar amount, ten gift certificates for $5 each, and using those for giveaways on social or incentives for signing up to your newsletter.

Customize Your Shop for Search

Grow organic search traffic to your shop by customizing different aspects of your online presence. Start in the settings page of your Artist Shop dashboard. Write your shop’s custom meta description (the 160 character snippet that’s used to characterize your shop’s content in search results) and update your shop title and URL. 

Once your shop’s meta description is written, it’s time to dig in and write detailed product descriptions for each product in your shop. Creating these unique descriptions is a very important for how searchers will find your products when they’re looking for similar things in search queries. Keywords will help each product stand out in search and correctly identify with what people are looking for. Review this in-depth resource about how to figure out the best keywords for your products and how to write your descriptions in a natural, helpful way for readers. 

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Your Artist Shop about page is an important opportunity to maximize your brand in search and grow brand affinity. By filling out the about page fields with detailed, relevant information about your brand and art, searchers looking for styles like yours will have an easier time finding your shop. Use your bio to engage in storytelling, letting fans know more about the ethos behind your art, your inspiration, and themes and ideas you’re particularly interested in. Explore more examples of our favorite Artist Shops about pages in this helpful article

Find out what other hacks we’ve crowdsourced from our artist community in this handy Creative Resource. Have questions about running, managing, or optimizing your Artist Shop for growth? Explore our vast repository of in-depth help articles for answers to all kinds of Artist Shops-related questions. 

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