Increase Traffic to Your Artist Shop With Your “About Page”

“I love filling out bios on social media!”, said no one ever. Whether you’re filling out 160 characters or less about yourself on Twitter or in the seemingly infinite bio box on Facebook, there’s something about the question “tell us about yourself!” that makes us forget our names and everything about who we are.

So when you saw that Artist Shops now has an “About Page” you can fill out, your brain may have pulled an anxious record scratch. I feel ya. But here’s the thing – having an “About” page for your Shop is about more than just talking about you and your brand – it can actually attract more customers to you.

Here are a few ways your ‘About’ page can increase traffic to your Shop and a few examples of some solid Artist Shop About pages!

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Connects people to your social media

You want to promote your designs and products through your social channels to bring customers into your Shop, but your Shop can actually bring followers to your social media, too. If shoppers dig your art, they may want to check out your social media. This should be as effortless as possible, or you might lose the chance to gain some followers due to 1: hassle factor or 2: making it too hard to find you.

I Heart Guts Artist Shop
I Heart Guts

Take I Heart Guts, for example. I just thought they were a Shop full of cute body puns. But through their About page, I found out that they’re actually a full ORGANization (pun intended) with a charming backstory that immediately drew me to their social channels to find out more.

THE TAKEAWAY:  Make your Shop a one-stop, well, shop, where people can find and check out all of your social media through your About page, where you can include social buttons to Twitter, Facebook, your website, etc.! The easier it is for people to connect to your social media, the more likely they are to check out your channels. 

Helps people get to know you

Having a personal element to your brand connects people to the actual human creating the art they love, which builds trust. And people are more likely to buy from someone they 1: like and 2: trust.

When I first came across NDTank’s Artist Shop, for example, I totally fell in love with his art style and wanted to check out his social media channels – not just for more art, but also to find out more about him as a person and artist!

THE TAKEAWAY: Whether we don’t want to brag or we just don’t think it’s necessary because the Shop is about the art, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of an “About” page and getting personal with your audience. But when people find an art they dig, they naturally want to know more about the human behind the art.

Great for your SEO

We’ve talked about how a solid SEO can attract the right customers to your Shop. And your About page is a key place to throw in some keywords and key information that will lay the breadcrumbs leading potential customers your way.

Take James White’s Artist Shop Signalnoise. He has a very specific style that potential shoppers would use specific search terms to find. And he’s used a few of those keywords and phrases in his About page, like ’80s’, ‘neon’, and of course his Shop name: ‘Signalnoise’. If someone is looking for his style or his Shop specifically, these keywords will help direct them right to the Signalnoise Shop.

THE TAKEAWAY: Your About page is great for your Shop’s SEO, both for your brand/Shop name and for the specific style of art you’re offering, which is key when it comes to attracting new customers and, most importantly, your specific niche.

Can help your cause

When you have a Shop for a charity or cause, it’s crucial that you make it clear to people what you’re supporting. Sure, you can include a little info in each product description. But your About Page takes this several steps further by informing people, providing social media links for more info on your cause, and making you more trustworthy (who’s going to trust a cause that lacks of information?) Plus, linking people to your official site and social media only helps spread the word and, who knows, might even inspire people to get involved!

The Has Heart Artist Shop, for example, is for an organization that pairs veterans with artists to collaborate on designs. I didn’t even know this organization existed before I saw their Artist Shop. And although their cover photo shares a little bit about them, I immediately wanted to know more. Enter the About page!

THE TAKEAWAY: It’s helpful enough to have an About page for yourself as an artist, but when it comes to an Artist Shop that donates to a cause or charity? It’s absolutely crucial in giving you credibility, building trust, and spreading awareness!

Have an awesome About page for your Artist Shop? Link us to it in the comments!

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We’re an artist community built on the power of helping each other succeed — if you’re reading this and have tips of your own to share, please let us know in the comments! Thank you!

Illustrations done by the amazing Katie Lukes

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