9 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Brand Online

As a small business owner, there are a lot of ways to track and celebrate growth. You can grow your audience on social, subscribers to your newsletter, and visitors to your site. You can also monitor engagement with those different audiences and grow the level of active participation across those channels. There’s always revenue to monitor and hopefully increase over time, as well as units sold, and unique and repeat customers. We’ve collected our favorite Creative Resources to help guide your various growth-related pursuits for your online business. Organized by category, these articles offer valuable in-depth insights into how to grow your marketing, sales, and brand.     

Grow Your Marketing Strategy

Creative Resource about growing your email marketing list
Four Painless Ways to Grow Your Email Market List 

This article outlines how to grow your email marketing list, since over time, you’ll naturally lose active participants. If you don’t have a newsletter, no worries! It also includes links to other resources that outline how to start your newsletter and the anatomy of a good email. Once your email marketing is up and running, use these four tips to strategize and strengthen your email marketing strategy. 

Creative Resource about getting more followers on social media
How to Get More Followers on Social Media 

In this invaluable resource, we share tips for how to thoughtfully and intentionally increase your social following. Social media is a huge component of any successful marketing strategy. Actively growing your brand’s following requires targeted measures like when, how, and what you post. Learn how to drive more social engagement in this post.  

Creative Resource about automating your social media posts
How Automating Your Social Media Posts Leads to Better Growth 

We dive deep into social media marketing in this useful guide to automating your social posts for increased growth. It’s also a nice comparative resource for free and paid digital tools. Consider what’s most important for your social strategy and whether a free tool will achieve your goals or if it’s worth investing in a social service like Sprout Social or Edgar.  

Strengthen Your Sales 

Creative Resource about why you're not seeing sales in your online business
Eight Reasons You’re Not Seeing Sales

From not enough new products to a lack in consistency in your designs and branding, this article highlights eight solid reasons why your online sales could be slow. Read through and implement these tips to boost your Artist Shop sales. 

Creative Resource about how to make a promotional calendar for your online business
How to Make a Promotional Calendar

Marketing and sales are closely linked. This thorough article helps you take advantage of strategizing promotions to bump up sales. Whether you’re sharing new products and designs with customers or offering a special seasonal deal, charting a strategy for your promotions throughout the year is a solid plan of action.  

Creative Resource about how to drive sales with search engine optimization
Trends, Tags, and Driving Sales in Your Shop

Leveraging the best and latest ideas in search is a solid way to increase sales for your online business. Read through this detailed article to more strategically design art and build your shop with search in mind. 

Enhance Your Brand

Creative Resource about how to tell your brand's story
How to Tell Your Brand’s Story 

In this detailed article, you’ll find a series of brand-strengthening tips like honing your brand voice, posting with purpose, and truly understanding your audience. Putting energy into your brand helps your fans know, trust, and build affinity for your work over time. Read on to better tell your brand’s story. 

Creative Resource about how to strengthen your brand by designing in themes and collections
How Themes and Collections Strengthen Your Brand

Designing art in themes that work together to create larger collections is a smart way to make your art easily recognizable to your fans. This useful resource outlines how to strategically hone your visual brand through the use of design collections in your Artist Shop.  

Creative Resource about how to use color to boost your online sales
How to Boost Sales with Color 

This article highlights the power that color has to influence decision-making. Use color to your advantage to hone your brand and send the right signals to your audience. 

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