How to Launch and Grow Your Artist Shop

With e-commerce making it easier to reach a global audience, actually setting up an online shop shouldn’t feel like a virtual Rube Goldberg machine. That’s why we created the Artist Shop platform in the first place – to make your online store as easy as possible so you have more time to make awesome art and less time spent doing this: Artist Shops aim to make e-commerce as easy as scrolling through “confused John Travolta” gifs on Giphy. But as easy as it is to set up a shop of your own,Read more

Tips to Create Effective Promotions

There’s more to creating effective promotions than just getting a wacky inflatable tube man…especially since we’re talking about online shops here, so wacky inflatable tube man will probably not help you. There are a lot of factors you might want to think about – type of sale, how much you can afford to discount an item (literally), planning out sales and promoting them on social, factoring in how much you have to make to break even with that wacky inflatable tube manRead more

How to Support a Political Movement with an Online Store

Online stores like Artist Shops can be used for a lot more than just an artist selling their personal work. You can get creative with them by opening an Artist Shop that sports team apparel (see what I did there) or sells designs that support a cause. And one of the clearest examples of that that we have in Artist Shops is “Bernie Threads.” You no doubt recognize the design of the “Not Me, Us” Bernie Sanders poster design thatRead more

What is SEO and How do You Use it?

Whether or not you’ve heard the three-letter-‘word’ “SEO,” there’s one question we can all relate to: “WTF is SEO…” SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Which also kind of begs the same question: “wtf is search engine optimization?” Search engines like Google and Bing have always been tools to gauge the popularity of sites. SEO kind of leaves a trail of crumbs for ants to follow, if you will, or a trail of Reese’s Pieces for ET – it sets up a path for searchRead more

Pricing: How Much is Too Much?

What’s the price of pricing too high or low? Because on the one hand, you want to charge low enough that people won’t look at your price and go, “pssh I could use that on beer instead.” On the other hand, you don’t want to charge $5 a t-shirt and end up making negative moneys. Much like internship experience, you can’t pay for food with negative moneys. You could risk it and price too high or low, but at whatRead more

How Many Products Should I Have in My Shop?

This is a question that is a surprisingly easy thing to overlook until you’re actually getting your PNGs ready and thinking, “wait…how many products should I have in my shop?” Truth is, there is no one magic number of how many items = the perfect amount of items for your shop. From the audience to the product to the parent site, there are a ton of variables that come into play when deciding the right amount for your shop. So, to cutRead more

Welcome to Artist Shops!

Welcome to the Creative Resources – The Artist Shops Blog! Bienvenido, bienvenue, willkommen, 歡迎光臨! We’re so excited about kicking off this new chapter of Threadless. We’ve always been all about getting our community of artists involved and giving artists a solid platform to get their art out there. Artist Shops and Creative Resources is the newest way we’re doing this, and we’re all really excited about this new frontier. But what are Artist Shops? What’s this blog for? What areRead more