Get Holiday Shoppers to Spend a Little More with Stocking Stuffers

The holiday season is a time of wonder, where the smallest of gestures can hold the most significant of meanings. Stocking stuffers embody this sentiment for many shoppers. But from the perspective of a shop owner, offering these smaller, typically lower-priced items are a strategic way to motivate guests to spend a little more than they originally planned. It’s a means of increasing the average order value in your Artist Shop during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Stocking stuffers are the perfect impulse buy—small, affordable, and packed with potential for cart building. By promoting stocking stuffers alongside larger items, you encourage your visitors to complete their holiday lists in one go. Imagine a customer eyeing your most popular t-shirt—now picture them pairing it with a matching mug or a set of themed stickers. This is the power of the upsell with stocking stuffers: they complement primary purchases and prompt customers to indulge in a little extra. In a season ripe for giving, these can significantly amplify your sales, one small addition at a time.

Now let’s take a closer look at the products available in your shop that make excellent stocking stuffers. We recommend making them an emphasis in your promotional messaging throughout the holiday season.

Mini Art Prints

Framed and unframed mini art prints are a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate a dash of creativity in their stockings. Available in sizes ranging from 3”x4” to 4”x4”, these tiny prints will fit in most regular-size stockings. Plus, they offer a unique surprise that deviates from more traditional stocking stuffers like socks and candy canes.



Stickers are an excellent way for customers to express their individuality. They’re the little tokens that can adhere to personal items such as laptops and notebooks, showcasing one’s personality. Affordable, collectible, and easy to ship, stickers are stocking stuffers that appeal to all ages.



Magnets are the unsung heroes of the fridge, holding up everything from grocery lists to grade school masterpieces. Your magnets are miniature works of art that provide functional beauty and a daily dose of inspiration in the kitchen.



Buttons are like badges of honor for personal expression. They can be pinned to jackets, bags, or hats, serving as conversation starters or silent statements. They’re a great gift option for those who like personalizing their belongings.



Mugs are a holiday staple, ideal for those seasonal sips of hot cocoa or coffee. To make them even more enticing for your shoppers, deck them out with inspiring quotes, festive graphics, or humorous sayings that resonate with your audience. Mugs are not only classic stocking stuffers, but they also integrate your art into the recipient’s everyday routine.


Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are the guardians of sentiment, delivering personal messages with warmth and care. Whether conveying holiday cheer, new year’s wishes, or heartfelt messages, your greeting cards can be the voice of your customers’ emotions—a stocking stuffer with a personal touch.


Zip Pouches

Perfect for keeping everyday essentials in check, zip pouches are also an excellent canvas for your artistry. Decorate them with your most popular designs and patterns and they’ll become a practical yet chic gift option for anyone on your customers’ shopper’s list.



Socks are a quintessential component for most people’s wardrobes, and are among the most sought-after stocking stuffers. They’re also the ideal canvas for showcasing your all-over prints and intricate patterns, transforming a simple, everyday staple into a statement piece and a fun gift.


Stocking stuffers are a small but mighty segment of holiday shopping. Motivate your customers to spend a little more this holiday season by promoting your smaller, lower-priced items alongside your bestsellers. We also recommend curating your own stocking stuffers collection that you can easily link to and incorporate into your promotional messaging. Come back to Creative Resources for more tips on how to navigate the busy holiday season.

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