Start Sweating—and Selling—Performance Tees and Activewear

Activewear is here, and it’s taking off as more Artist Shop owners add short and long sleeve performance tees to their shops. It’s a versatile product for many reasons—the fabric being specifically designed for movement makes it a great fit for customers looking for workout clothes, athletic wear, activewear, and even athleisure apparel. Whether you’ve already created your own custom performance tees or are considering adding them to your product lineup, read on for our tips to design, market, and sell these active shirts. 

Performance Tees Overview

Learn more about performance short and long sleeve specs in order to better design them. Made by Paragon, both short and long sleeve tees are 100% microfiber performance polyester, made smooth for movement, and rated for 50+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) to block the sun’s harmful rays. These lightweight, high-quality performance t-shirts feature a moisture-wicking fabric that’s treated with an anti-microbial finish to help fight odors. Ultimately, these shirts are made for active lifestyles, working out, and sweating. They wash well and designs will still stay crisp and clear. 

Make Designs for Workouts 

Put yourself in the (possibly sweaty?) shoes of your customers looking for apparel to wear during their favorite workouts. Whether it’s yoga, hiking, running, biking, climbing, or team sports, active enthusiasts choose their workout gear to keep up with whatever they’re interested in. 

Try making designs unique to performance tees—not necessarily the same designs you’re selling on regular and heavyweight tees—but designs that inspire working out. Typography can be an empowering way to pump up athletes. Humorous or ironic designs about working out are fun options to offer customers who want to be active but don’t take their activities as seriously. 

Performance tee design by Freehand
Sweat” design on performance tee by Freehand

Market Your Tees in Context

For tees meant to move, it’s smart to give your designs momentum in lifestyle photography. Take your tees out to a track, your local gym, or the park. Bring friends for fun group shots and think about interesting and active scenes you can create for your photoshoot. If your designs are silly or irreverent, stage photos that showcase the funnier side of working out.

Performance tee design in lifestyle photo
Butt On” performance tee design by Lxromero

Team Up with Coaches

With lifestyle photos of your performance tees ready to go, it’s time to team up on social to promote your designs. Consider working with local influencers. These social media experts will take pictures working out in your tees and share them with their engaged online audiences. Need tips for how to work with influencers? Explore this resource for how to collaborate with social influencers and dig into this guide for how to promote your designs on Instagram.  

Complete the Lineup

Once you add short and long sleeve performance t-shirts to your shop, consider including other workout must-haves. Then customers can rock your designs on complete workout outfits—from all-over leggings, hoodies, and slip-on shoes to the duffel bag carrying the gear, water bottle, and beach towel. Try designing these pieces as cohesive looks. Then group those products together in a collection to make it easy for customers to find your workout-inspired designs. 

Get Sweating!  

Once you start designing for short and long sleeve performance tees, you’ll have a whole new category of apparel to offer your customers. Workout clothes and activewear are popular not just for hardcore athletes. Everyone can get behind tees that are made to wick sweat, protect from the sun, and move easily. 

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