New Product: The CHAMPION® of All T-Shirt Styles!

Champion® Unisex T-Shirts are now among the many Threadless apparel styles you can add to your Artist Shop today! This isn’t just any new addition to the product catalog. It’s the first-ever branded T-Shirt style we’ve opened up for Artists on the Artist Shops platform. This elevated version of a classic, everyday tee makes Champion® and your Artist Shop a winning combination.

Each Champion® Tee carries on the tradition of an American manufacturer that’s been making sportswear since 1919. They’ve been doing it long before the athleisure craze took the fashion world by storm in the late 2010s. Long before yoga pants became just “pants.” That type of longevity speaks to the brand’s timeless styles and legacy as a leader in activewear.

Champion®’s name recognition matched with your brand has the potential to stir up excitement among your followers and attract new customers. Add them to your shop today!

What Makes a Champion® (T-Shirt)

Champion T-Shirt Education

The Champion® Unisex T-Shirt is a wardrobe MVP. Its soft, comfy jersey material is made from ringspun cotton sourced from the United States. It’s great for layering, yet is thick enough to wear on its own, making it a year-round essential. Single-needle edge stitching along the collar and armholes give the shirt a smooth feel and neat look. Last but certainly not least, Champion®’s iconic “C” logo patch appears on the left sleeve.

With its sporty fit and versatility, the Champion® Unisex T-Shirt lends itself to an array of fashion styles including activewear, streetwear, and subcultures such as tattoo art. When making designs for this T-Shirt, think of the types of shoppers who are most likely to buy it. Also consider channeling the “champion” spirit by creating designs inspired by the qualities you believe make a true champion. Tell a story that will resonate with your audience!

How to Add Champion® T-Shirts to Your Artist Shop

There are two ways to add Champion® Unisex T-Shirts from your Artist Dashboard. And both are simple!

1. Create them as new products using the Product Creation Tool. Refer to this Artist Shops Help Page for more detailed instructions.

Product Creation Tool

2. Add them to your existing designs from the Products tab. Refer to this Artist Shops Help Page for more detailed instructions.

Products tab

Promote Your New Champion® T-Shirts

“Support Artists” by EmelineTate
“Support Artists” by EmelineTate

With the arrival of this exciting new T-Shirt style, you have an opportunity to drive traffic to your Artist Shop. That little Champion® logo patch could grab the attention of new and returning customers and motivate them to make a purchase. But that’ll only happen if you promote your new tees to your followers! Once you’ve added Champion® T-Shirts, be sure to do the following:

  1. Add them to your Homepage Collection.
  2. Feature them in your email newsletter.
  3. Regularly post about them on social media.

“If Not Now Venn” by Nathan W. Pyle, “Lil Vaxy is Good to Go” by mckibillo, and “Nom Nom King” by ppmid
“If Not Now Venn” by Nathan W. Pyle, “Lil Vaxy is Good to Go” by mckibillo, and “Nom Nom King” by ppmid

Would you like to sell your art on Champion® T-Shirts but don’t have an Artist Shop? Sign up here and build your own unique, customizable ecommerce storefront for free. It only takes minutes to create and sell 100s of products featuring your original designs!

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