Community Spotlight: Frogwitch, Rosie Moon, and Tobe Fonseca

The Threadless Artist Shops team relishes the opportunity to showcase artists who are not just pushing the boundaries of creativity, but also making significant waves in the print-on-demand world. For this Community Spotlight, we’re casting our beams on three exceptional artists whose designs have captured the imagination of the wider Threadless community: meme maker Frogwitch, multi-media artist Rosie Moon, and designer/creative director Tobe Fonseca.

Dive in as we celebrate their artistry and learn more about their creative journeys.

Community Spotlight - Frogwitch

Amphibian-obsessed artist and Instagram influencer, Mandee (aka @Frogwitch), lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and gives the internet what it craves: more frog memes. Her funny and clever designs spread messages of mental wellness, self care, and sassy sayings—all sprinkled with a little magic.

To Frogwitch, memes are the answer.

“While I enjoy my day job, it has never given me creative satisfaction. I needed to find an easily accessible way to make art. Memes were the answer. I want to make art that I enjoy making and it’s a super cool bonus that the internet enjoys anything that I make.”

She finds joy in the chaos.

Community Spotlight - Frogwitch

“My creative process is chaotic. I try to be organized with it, but I’m forced to be so organized in other aspects of my life that I think a chaotic creative process is a little treat for my brain. Life is balance, right?”

So, why frogs?

“Everyone always asks ‘Why frogs?’…As cheesy as it sounds, I’ve always had some sort of ‘otherworldly’ connection to them. I would consider frogs to be my childhood special interest that I never grew out of.”

Community Spotlight - Rosie Moon

Rosie Moon Creations is a 25-year-old multi-media artist currently based in New England. Her primary goal with her art is to craft pieces that encourage others to reject conformity and minimalism in favor of fearless self-expression.

Rosie turned her passion into a profession.

Community Spotlight - Rosie Moon
A series of sketches by Rosie Moon

“Art has been a life-long passion, and I’m lucky enough that creating has been my full-time job since 2020.” 

Her style calls upon retro aesthetics.

Community Spotlight - Rosie Moon

“My designs are inspired from a range of things including retro textiles, Art Nouveau, and the Surrealist Art Movement.”

She’s a student of art history.

“My journey as an artist has been informed by a deep love and appreciation for artisans throughout history. Whenever I’m not painting, I spend most of my time combing through books about art history, anthropology, and antique botanical illustration.”

Community Spotlight - Tobe Fonseca

Tobe Fonseca is a 36-year-old Brazilian creative director living in Portland, Oregon. He and his team are dedicated to creating unique and distinctive designs for merch that ignite the imagination, ranging from humor to poetry, minimalism to beautifully crafted graphics.

There are no limitations with his team.

“We combine pop culture, animals, and surreal elements with vibrant colors and intricate details. There are no limitations; we simply love bringing art creations to life.”

He finds inspiration in his many travels.

“With my passion for travel, particularly in Europe—where I even speak a bit of French—it was no surprise when I left my small town in southern Brazil to come to the USA. My diverse background serves as a unique source of inspiration, influencing and guiding me as I create and navigate my way through this world.”

He loves the uniqueness of his family.

Community Spotlight - Tobe Fonseca

“I’m a proudly married Latino gay man. My husband, Mitchell, embodies American-Australian heritage, while our beloved dog, Ripley, is pure American charm! We are all over the world.”

His design, “Work,” is a Threadless classic.

"Work," from sketch to completed design.
“Work,” from sketch to completed design

“This sketch from 2007 was my first print on Threadless entitled ‘Work.’ It was a turning point that allowed me to embark on an independent career. And here I am today, embracing the journey!”

Artists like Frogwitch, Rosie Moon, and Tobe Fonseca not only enrich our community but also inspire countless others to chase their creative dreams. If you’re a Threadless Artist Shop owner who’d love to be featured in our next Community Spotlight, don’t forget to engage with the community, keep pushing those creative boundaries, and, most importantly, continue sharing your unique voice with the world.

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