Introducing Collaborators – A New Artist Shops Tool

When you upload a design to your Artist Shop, the earnings from every product sold are automatically paid directly to you. That’s great, right? It’s about as easy as it gets. But what if you collaborated with someone to make a design and you wanted to share the earnings? Perhaps you have a great design idea but need to hire an artist to help execute. Maybe you want to donate your earnings to a non-profit or you have comic book art made by multiple illustrators. Well, until this week, you had to do that math yourself (ain’t nobody got time for that) and then pass the money between you and your collaborator. We learned from many of you that collaborating is one of your favorite ways to make great art and we wanted to make it easier for you to do that. This is why we’re excited to announce that our newest feature, Collaborators, is now live.

When you upload a design and create all the products you’d like to sell, you can now share the earnings automatically from every sale of that design, at a percentage that you set. But what if three people worked together on a design? Simply add another collaborator to the mix and make sure that your split equals 100%. As earnings are paid, you and your collaborators will each receive the percentage of earnings you set for that design.

Do you have a great example of an Artist Shops design that you collaborated on with someone else? We’ll be highlighting awesome collaborations as they happen, so let us know when yours goes live and we’ll digitally high-five (and consider you for a feature spotlight!). Now is the time to text an old friend who had that hilarious design idea, pair up with your favorite non-profit, or see what awesome mashups you can make with a friend who has a totally different style from you. All the fun of collaborating, none of the hassle of coming up with the witty Venmo description when splitting the earnings.

Ready to add some collaborations? Here’s a handy guide to setting up Collaborators on a design.

We can’t wait to see what amazing things you can make when you collaborate!

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9 responses to Introducing Collaborators – A New Artist Shops Tool

  1. Oh my….. a dream with this that I’ve been waiting for. This will help us out so much as we reach out throughout our community and work with other businesses and education institutions. The opportunities here with this are both massive and limitless.

    Thank you so much for this attention.


  2. Noname says:

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  3. Yeing says:

    We are super grateful for this as our not for profit already collaborates with artists!! Thank you!

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