Add Custom Photos to Your Artist Shop!

Want to spruce up your Artist Shop? Now you can feature your products in a whole new way by adding custom product photos to your shop! With this new feature, you can add photos to your homepage, as well as to any collections in your shop.

An example of how our artist Katie Lukes’ shop homepage would look with lifestyle photos!

It’s no secret that when it comes to selling products, images can seriously help boost sales. One analysis of 5,000 e-mail campaigns found that the ones that used images got a 42% higher click rate than those without images. Designs and flat mock-ups can only tell someone so much about your product; photos give your shop a whole new look and appeal, but more importantly they build trust in your customers by showing your product in action. We’ve all seen (or been) that person in a store who has to touch every item in the store; you can’t do that while online shopping. so photos are a great way for customers to see your product IRL and to see that it’s worth their money!


Your product photos can be added to any of your collection pages, which includes your homepage. While they won’t appear on the actual product page, having them on your homepage and each collection page is like a visual foot-in-the-door to pique a customer’s interest. 


It’s super easy! Jump on over to your Artist Dashboard and click “Manage Collections“…

Click the collection you want to add custom photos to (I’m just going to use my homepage collection. If you haven’t added any collections, now is a good time to add some so you can feature even more pics!)

Scroll down to “Step 2: ADD DESIGNS/PRODUCTS TO YOUR COLLECTION”. Click where it says “upload your own image” and voila! Upload lifestyle images for various designs in your collection! (You can change which design you’re adding photos for in the drop-down to the left of the image.)


From hanging your framed art prints on a gallery wall to taking model pictures of your friends wearing your tees, there are lots of ways to feature your products! The key, though, is that your photos need to be high quality. We offer a few model images for you to add your products to right here! (And you can always ask a photographer friend to help you out with your own product photos!)

For more tips on how to take great lifestyle photos, check out this post. And check out some of the ways Artist Shop owners feature their products in photos:

Top row: Elebea’s Artist Shop product (taken by one of our staff on her phone!), March for Science Chicago, and Art by Jaime | Middle row: Deniart Clothing, Katie Lukes (taken by our photographer featuring Katie’s designs!), and The Braven Design | Bottom row: Agriimony, Deniart Clothing, and In Adon We Trust.


With more people able to discover your shop on, it’s time to get your shop in shape! Here’s a little checklist of things you can do to make your shop look awesome and even boost that SEO:

✔️ Do you have a killer cover image?
✔️ Have you added an About” page?
✔️ Have you added these new products to your shop? How about the ‘Classic Tee’?
✔️ Is your keyword game strong?
✔️ Have you created some cool collections?
✔️ And of course, have you added custom photos to your collections?

.     .     .

Illustration by Katie Lukes

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  1. 192.168 1.1 says:

    The way arrange and decorate the photo has an important role in attracting the customer, so the keep shopper should note take care for the homepage.

  2. Mindfultee says:

    Great feature! We could maybe have a little photo credit area to fill as an option as many artists collaborate to make some photos instead of using always paid ones.

    Now can’t wait for promo code creation tool and All-over tees options :))
    And… off course an European based fulfilment to cheap/fast ship to Europe :))

  3. Robert says:

    This is great, but it would also be nice to be able to add custom photos on the product page.

  4. Happy Room says:

    I think your article mentioned a certain aspect of the problem. I think it has a lot more to study than that.

  5. I often get emotionally involved. Like when I read your post, I can cry, laugh, sad, funny, depending on your written words. I think you are a sensitive person.

  6. glynnis e baker says:

    …why and/or how are there bots in the replies? Mobile game bots? What?

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