Introducing 5 New Artist Shops Products!

Just in time for your products to show up on Threadless, there are now even more ways to make your shop a little more awesome! Introducing five exciting new products to add to your accessories lineup: drawstring bags, laundry bags, rope handle weekender bags, bath mats, and sherpa blankets! We’re super excited about these additions to Artist Shops. They’re super giftable, fun essentials that everyone should have in their daily toolbox. Not to mention, they give you even more ways to get creative with promos!

Learn all about these brand new products, get a few tips on how to market them, and find out how to add them to your Shop below!

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Drawstring Bag

Perfect for whether you’re going for a run or just running out the door, who doesn’t need a handy drawstring bag to sling over their shoulder? And featuring a double-sided print for total design coverage and black liner reinforcement for sturdiness coverage, this drawstring bag is perfect for every customer from the gym rats, to the hikers, to the beach bums!

Suggestion: shoot some lifestyle photography of friends using your drawstring bags while running a 5K, or going for a summer bike ride, or hiking.


  • 19″ x 15″
  • Polyester reinforced with a black liner
  • Poly rope drawstring
  • Inner zipper pocket to keep your essentials safe
  • Printed on both sides for double-sided design or 360 degrees of all-over print style

Laundry Bag

Got a mountain of laundry taking up your closet? We feel ya. How do you make laundry fun enough so that your customers actually wash all those tees they bought from you shop? A fun laundry bag is a good place to start! This super strong and sturdy laundry bag will carry even the heftiest of laundry loads.

Suggestion: air your dirty laundry to your customers! Just kidding. Instead, make a guide, like “5 Books to Read While You’re Doing Laundry”, or take photos of one of your laundry bags spilling out tees, lounge pants, and sweatshirts that are also from your shop. 


  • Available in 18″ x 32″ and 28″ x 36″
  • Made out of poly poplin material
  • Drawstring top with cotton web straps on the side to get an extra handle on things
  • Printed with a single design on both sides or all-over print

Rope Handle Weekender Bag

You already know the drill with our hold-all weekender bags. But with summer just around the corner for many places in the world, offer the weekender with a nautical twist that will make every weekend getaway feel like a beachy escape! (And if you already have weekender bags in your shop, this will be a super easy one to add!)

Suggestion: beach photoshoot! Create a look book blog post featuring the rope handle weekender bag on the beach, or a weekend beach getaway packing guide.


  • 24″ x 16″ (with 1″ thick woven handle with 13″ rope handle)
  • 50% polyester, 50% cotton lined
  • Printed with a single design on both sides or all-over print


Besides shower curtains, the bathroom is the one room that we haven’t covered a ton of ground in (literally)…until now! This is surely the plushiest bath mat your customers will ever set foot on. And with a non-skid backing, they won’t have to worry about any foot slippage; just spa-levels of stress elimination.

Suggestion: include the bath mat in a guide all about how to have a super relaxing, spa-like recharge staycation (think eucalyptus, bath bombs, etc.) 


  • Available in both 24″ x 17″ and 34″ x 21″
  • Microfiber foam for super plushiness and absorbing powers
  • Non-skid backing for safety

Sherpa Blanket

It doesn’t get much more staycation-worthy than the sherpa blanket. Feeling like what you can imagine fabric spun from the clouds themselves must feel like to the touch (we like them, if you couldn’t tell), this sherpa blanket is surely the softest blanket your customers will ever own. And with one side covered in designs, the other covered in crazy-soft sherpa fleece, you’ll be cocooned in cozy comfort in style.

Suggestion: take a picture of a puppy or kitten cuddling up in the sherpa. Because c’mon. Or build a fort using your sherpa blankets and even pillow designs and take lifestyle photos in it. You can even create a “How to Build a Fort” photo guide. Because who doesn’t love puppies and forts?


  • Available in both 50″ x 60″ and 60″ x 80″ and in landscape or portrait orientations
  • 100% polyester fleece material
  • Design (single image or all-over pattern) on one side, super soft sherpa fleece on the other

How to add these products to your shop!

Step 1: Go to “Manage Products” in your Artist Shop dashboard

Step 2: Select “Products” and in the “Select a category” drop-down, select “Accessories” (for the drawstring bag, weekender bag, or laundry bag) or “Home” (for bath mats and sherpa blankets)*

Step 3: In the drop-down menu for “Accessories”, you’ll see drawstring bags, laundry bags, and rope handle weekender bags! In “Home”, you’ll find bath mats and sherpa blankets!

*Head’s up! Sherpa blankets will be under the “Blanket” category, and rope handle weekender bags will be under the “Tote Bag” category! 

Step 4: Flip the “Active” switch to add the new product to this design in your Shop! And THEN…

Step 5: Run a sale in your shop in honor of your sweet new products! If you haven’t yet, check out the Global Pricing Tool for running your sale. It makes it super easy to adjust prices (and the slider tool is oddly satisfying to use).

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Illustration by Katie Lukes

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