What $5 Will Get You in Social Media Ads

It’s one thing to set up social media channels for your online store and portfolio. It’s another thing to get people to click through social media to your actual site. Sometimes this is easier said than done.

Enter social media advertising.

Advertising is everywhere we look. At the end of the day, it’s a good way to get ahead of the pack and get yourself noticed. And I know what you’re thinking. Advertising = $$$. The whole “gotta spend money to make money” thing, right?

While that may be true, you don’t have to smash open the piggy bank to get a little ad time. In fact, if you have $5, you’re pretty set to start running ads. Up that to $5 a day and boom – you’ve got a little ad campaign started.

Here is what $5 will get you in Social Media Ads

We’re looking at four social media platforms good for the type of product you’re selling:



Facebook is the most talked about social media platform used for advertising, and for good reason. Moz reported that not only do FB ads reach at least as many people as traditional media, but they are a lower cost per 1,000 impressions in history. And with $1 being the smallest price per day, $5 a day gets you a fair amount.

Buffer did an experiment where $5 per day on Facebook social media ads received the following results:

  • Page likes: 9/day
  • Clicks to home site: 1/day
  • Boosted post: 787 new people reached/day

Moz found that it averaged about $0.25 cents per 1,000 impressions. Sumall found that for a photo ad, it was about $2.96 per 1,000 people reached while their blog share was about $3.78/1,000 people reached.So it’s a bit variable, but either way, it’s a pretty low price for 1,000 people in what’s already going to be a niche audience.

Resources for advertising on Facebook:


Instagram can be an important tool for artists because it’s a visual platform that can identify your audience through the use of hashtags. It’s also unique because Instagram is a Facebook company. You actually create your Instagram ad campaign through Facebook. Like Facebook, you can set that $5-per-day to get you some visibility without sacrificing a ton of the money.

Fstoppers reported that a $2.50 spend on Instagram got them 300 views on the ad and two clicks on their site in 12 hours. That’s not bad.

Resources for advertising on Instagram:


Twitter is a little different. It charges per engagement – between $.50 and $4.00 per engagement. But you’re able to set how much you want to spend per day, and you can set the start and ending date of your ad campaign.

These Twitter ads also have an added benefit. Twitter provides audience insights of the people who engaged with your ad. This can help you figure out exactly who your audience is and who you should be gearing your ads towards.

Resources for advertising on Twitter:


Stumbleupon might not be one of the main sites talked about. But what’s nice about StumbleUpon is that your site IS the ad.

Stumbleupon works like Twitter – you set your daily price and the start and end date to your ad campaign. The benefit? Stumbleupon users set their interests, so your site will only be shown to those who it would most interest. Stefanmaescher did an experiment where for over $128, he got 60,000 visitors at $.02 per user.

Resources for advertising on StumbleUpon:

Here’s an extra resource for general social media advertising:

Hope that was helpful and spend wisely on those social media ads!

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