The Best Times for Social Media Posts

So, the road so far: we’ve looked at social media channels you should be using, how to frugally use those sites for advertising, and how to make your posts on those channels super engaging. But WHEN are the best times for a social media posts? Minor details, right?

If social media posts are published and no one is around to see it, does it make a sound? And by sound I mean internet buzz that translates into sales, fans and followers. Believe it or not, there are best and worst times to post on social media. The trouble is, depending on your 1: Time Zone, 2: Country, and 3: niche, they can vary a bit.

We looked at this amazing post by coschedule, which gathered cumulative results from various posts and sites to find the ideal times to post on social media, and we compared their findings with what has found to be the best times to post on social media.

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As far as time zones go coschedule recommends using Google Analytics to find out where most of your audience is coming from. That way you can set up your posts to launch at the best times for these time zones. As for the best times?

The Best Times for Social Media Posts


Best Time for Facebook Posts


Best Times for Twitter Posts


Best Times for Instagram Posts

Pinterest & Tumblr

Best Times for Pinterest and Tumblr Posts

Additional resources for pinpointing the best times – and how to FIND those best times – for posting on your social media channels:

We’re an artist community built on the power of helping each other succeed — if you’re reading this and have tips of your own to share, please do so in the comments! Thank you!

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8 responses to The Best Times for Social Media Posts

  1. Eugenia says:

    I have about 300k followers online on various social media. I’ve been using time tricks since 2012, I have a good experience with it. My beef with your suggestions is that “2 AM” thing you keep suggesting. It makes no sense.

    I live in PST timezone, and at night here, there is extremely little activity. Tumblr gets 1/10th the traffic at PST night than it does in the mornings and early evenings PST. This is true for any other artist I’ve talked to about it.

    It is possible that YOU get more sales at these night times, because maybe (just maybe) some wholesalers might be buying your stuff from Asia to resell them (I’ve had such cases). But normal Americans (who comprise the bulk of sales for normal artists), do NOT engage at 2 AM at night. Normal artists like me, should NOT be posting on social media at 2 AM.

    I’ve found that the best times are these, REGARDLESS of which timezone the artist lives at:
    First choice: 9 AM PST
    Second choice: 6-7 PM PST

    The first choice is when the West Coast wakes up and checks their online stuff, while the New Yorkers are also around on lunch time, so they have time to look stuff up online. As for the Europeans, it will find them right after dinner, looking at their social media while watching TV. It’s by far the best time to reach the kind of people who actually read social media, and buy.

    The second choice is a median between West Coasters and East Coasters before they go to bed. Europeans will be waking up soon too, and most (not all), will see your posts during breakfast or commute 2-3 hours later.

    All other times are performing way less adequately.

    • Zacharia says:

      I agree with this sentiment. This article is unscientific and also just doesn’t give any clear or logical reasoning as to why these times have been selected.

      I usually post around 6 PM EST for similar reasons. Dinnertime for east coast and around bed time for Europeans.

    • Sam says:

      Have you been on Tumblr? Like ever? The majority of the site is a horde of millennials who have no idea what a productive sleep schedule is. There are actual memes and hundreds of posts joking about how everyone on Tumblr is still awake at 2-4am in the morning and how no one knows how to get to sleep at a reasonable time. So maybe the audience *you’re* targeting (remember, target audiences and their routines vary from person to person) is simply more active during 6-7 pm, but my experience has always proven a much higher response the later I post.

      • Carlyn Hill says:

        Hey Sam!

        That’s a really good point! I was a tumblr-ite for a really long time, you’re right – it’s definitely a late-night site. There are so many factors that go into best posting times, especially on different platforms – this post was an averaging out of what multiple sites reported the best times were, so I’m glad you brought this up about Tumblr! Thank you!

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