Your Shop Could be Featured!

Thanksgiving may get all the attention in November, but Small Business Saturday (November 25th) and Giving Tuesday (November 28th) are where it’s at! These two mini-holidays celebrate two of the things that we here at Artist Shops find super important: small, independent businesses (like artists!) and people who add positive vibes to the world by using their profits and designs to donate to good causes. So this year in honor of these two great days, we’re featuring some awesome Artist Shops and yours could be one of them!  

For Small Business Saturday, we’re featuring a slew of the best of the best Artist Shops slaying at the online shop game. And for Giving Tuesday, we’re celebrating shops that are using their earnings and designs to help out a good cause. The shops chosen will:

  • Get featured on both the blog and the Creative Resources blog.
  • Be included in an email to the Threadless and Artist Shops community.
  • Get highlighted in a special collection on the Discover page on
  • Be posted on Threadless’s social media!

I’m in. How can my shop get picked?

So what do you have to do to get your shop featured? Make $100,000 in sales? Set up billboards advertising your shop? BLOOD SACRIFICE? None of the above! Submitting your shop is super simple, but there are a few requirements you have to meet in order to be eligible. Besides having your shop published, your shop needs to have all of the following things completed:

Here’s a little more info on what you need for each of these items:

  • About Page filled out: make sure you’ve 1: added an About Page to your shop and 2: have it thoroughly filled out to let us and your customers know a little more about you and your creations!
  • Have at least 6 designs uploaded: to be considered, you must have at least six designs for sale in your shop.
  • Add social media icons to your About Page: did you know you can add social media icons to your About Page to link people to your Twitter, Instagram, website, and more? You can add them when you’re filling out your About Page right in your Dashboard.
  • Include lifestyle imagery: feature at least two lifestyle photos of your products in your homepage collection.
  • Header image + logo: your shop must have a header image as well as a logo included.
  • Social posts driving traffic to your Artist Shop: you have to have posted about your Artist Shop on social media (to make this even easier, try taking advantage of shop updates in your Dashboard and spicing them up with your own message!)
  • Product descriptions: all of your designs have to have short descriptions on the product page (a little more information on that in this post.)
  • Run a promo during the holidays: have a plan to run a promotion (lowering prices, advertising your promotion on social media, etc.) during the holidays. Here are a few tips on how to do that! (And head’s up, your customers will get free shipping through December 15th – be sure to spread the word when the code is live!)

Don’t miss out on getting your shop featured and gaining traffic for it just in time for holiday shopping season! Prep and submit your shop before November 17th for your chance to be featured!

Is your shop ready to go? Submit it here!

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