New Product Alert: Add Stickers to Your Artist Shop!

Have you heard the news? Stickers are the newest addition to the Artist Shops product lineup! Stickers have been at the top of the must-have list for Shop owners for a long time, and the wait is finally over. This new product is already starting to pour into Discover. And with the holiday shopping season inching closer and closer, now would be a great time to add this product to your Shop.

Here are some details: 

  • Available in four different sizes: 2″, 3″, 4″, & 6″
  • Two different background colors are available: white & transparent vinyl
  • HACK THE STICKERS! Pro tip: if you separate sections of a design by a certain amount, it prints as TWO stickers on one sheet, meaning you can potentially make a mini sticker sheet of several little designs. (Find out how.)
  • These stickers come with ready-made lifestyle photos for you! They will appear on ready-made lifestyle images on both your sticker product page and on your homepage! (But take your own pics too). Two different images appear for each sticker size:
    • 2″ stickers: display on a laptop & fanny pack
    • 3″ stickers: display on guitar & iPad
    • 4″ stickers: display on skateboard & laptop
    • 6″ stickers: display on notebook & turntable

Curious about how they look? Here are a few Shops who have already started adding stickers. Check ’em out, then add them to your Shop (here’s how if you need some help!):

.     .     .

Steven Rhodes’ Artist Shop

Jedidiah Gallery’s Artist Shop

Rupert Beard’s Artist Shop

Ego Rodriguez’s Artist Shop

Steven Rhodes’ Artist Shop

Laura O’Connor’s Artist Shop

ARFstuff’s Artist Shop

Corgiyolk’s Artist Shop

Add stickers to your own Shop now!

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