February Wrap-Up!

In honor of spring creepin’ just around the corner, we decided to get a jump on some of our spring cleaning by organizing some helpful links from around the interwebz for ya!

The internet is vast. And it can be hard to filter through which posts are helpful, which are redundant, and which are straight up BS. Sometimes we find resources (blog posts, articles, the occasional funny) that we share amongst ourselves because we find them helpful or insightful. And now, at the end of each month, we’re going to start sharing them with you. That’s right. You’ve reached the inner circle of helpful link trust. Welcome.

Oh, and Happy March!

Design Tips

You can never have too many of these tips and tricks. 

“How to Optimize Your T-Shirt Designs for Max Wearability” – Jeff Hilnbrand

“4 Top Color Trends for 2016” creativebloq

“Psychology of Logo Designs”creativebloq

“Picking Colors – Pt. 1” Jeff Hilnbrand

“Styleguides + Design Language” Chen Ye (this is helpful just to get an idea of how big brands keep themselves consistent when it comes to their design and brand look).

Blogging Tips

We’ve talked a lot about what social media outlets to use and HOW to use them – but we haven’t touched much on the very social media channel you’re reading right now: a blog! Here are some tips on how to start a blog and why it’s a good idea…but y’know, as a blog ourselves, color us biased.

“6 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Website Needs a Blog”Marketing Growth Hacking

“How We Tripled Our Leads Using This Rarely Discussed Blogging Tactic”Hubspot (Probably my favorite link in this post, honestly. Super helpful and something I wouldn’t have thought about otherwise)

“How to Start a Blog: 10 Pro Tips”creativebloq

Personal Stories

These range from a little painful to read “cautionary tales,” to crazy successful “if you can dream it you can do it” type advice blogs and interviews. Also, tip: I do recommend reading interviews of people you admire. 

“Ten Mistakes I Made Running Two Online Stores and How You Can Avoid Them” Mark Macdonald, shopify

“How I Profited $100,000 on Teespring in Just 5 Months”Benny Hsu, The Hustle

“Be Bossy: Sophia Amoruso Has Advice for Millennials and a Bone to Pick With Sheryl Sandberg”nymag (the founder of Nasty Gal, Amoruso, is a pretty inspiring – not to mention crazy-successful – business owner. Reading interviews with her can be inspiring!)

“Does The Idea Matter? My Journey to $15k on Etsy in 10 Months”Cynthia Koo

Big Picture Advice

It can get a little redundant seeing a million posts all called “7 Reasons Why BLANK Will Help Your Brand BLANK.” But even if you’ve read the information in posts like these a million times, I’ve found that more often than not, they all offer at LEAST a sentence of advice I’d never heard before. Try it, I dare you:

“7 Ingredients for a Successful Brand”creativebloq

“Show & Tell: The Art of Selling”Invoq Marketing

“My DIY Guide to Defining Digital Audiences and Creating Audience Profiles”The Simply Measured Blog

“How to Open Your Own Online Boutique” Nylon

“7 Things That Have Defined Successful Brands”creativebloq

For the Lols

Because you gotta have fun with this too! Here are a few posts that we thought were funny and you might too.

“10 Amazing Examples of Cannabis Branding” – I have 420 reasons why cannabis branding is actually kinda dope. So many puns right there…

“Uber Drops its ‘U’ With Controversial New Logo” – just because people are so mad. SO mad.

.     .     .

We’re an artist community built on the power of helping each other succeed — if you’re reading this and have tips of your own to share, please do so in the comments! Thank you!

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