Offer Free Shipping to Your Customers!

You can now offer free shipping to your customers when they order from your Artist Shop!

We’ve all had that moment; you’re shopping online, you’ve got a full cart, and you’re looking at the price wondering, “to buy? Or not to buy? That is the question…” Then the online store hits you with the sweet, sweet salvation of a “free shipping” offer and boom: your purchase is officially justified enough to hit the “complete my purchase” button.

It’s a nice surprise for customers, and can even sway them to take or leave a purchase. In fact, studies found that free shipping was one of the most important offers to holiday shoppers, second only to lower prices.

And we want you to make the most (literally) out of the holiday shopping season by being able to offer free shipping to your customers when they purchase from your Artist Shop

Through November 24th, give the gift of free shipping on all orders over $45 ($80 for international orders*). As for the shipping costs, no worries – this one’s on us. What’s more? After November 21st, the top 10 best-selling Artist Shops will have selected designs sold on!

Share your free shipping code with your customers on social media to start running your holiday promotions and sales to boost your profit and chance of being in the featured Top 10. Happy selling!

Find the free shipping code for your Shop at the top of your Dashboard! Check it out now!



Start Date: 11/07/16 at 12:00am PT
End Date: 11/21/16 at 11:59pm PT
*Offer excludes wall art for international orders only

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Illustrations done by the amazing Katie Lukes


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