The Best Products to Include in Fall Sales

From back to school sales, to end of summer / beginning of fall sales, to a combination of all of the above, the fall is the perfect time for putting on some killer sales. But the changing of seasons also means changing up how you advertise your shop and what kinds of products you push on social media and in lifestyle photos! Here’s a guide to what products you should be promoting for your fall sales, the best products to include in fall sales, and which products are Artist Shops best-sellers. Check it out!

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It pays to be smug about your mugs. Standard size mugs are the top selling accessory in Artist Shops. They’re super giftable, inexpensive, and fun impulse buys! With tea and pumpkin spice latte season coming up, it’s a good time to start pushing mugs and travel mugs.


Notebooks happen to be our third best selling accessory. There’s no better time to push notebooks than the fall when college kids are getting their back to school gear together, parents are helping the younger ones get their back to school gear (or shopping for themselves), and when teachers are prepping for the new season, too.

Hoodies & Zip-ups & Sweatshirts, oh my!

Fall is that weird in-between time where it’s just warm enough not to need a jacket, but juuust chilly enough that you can’t kick open the door bare-armed in a tank. That’s where hoodies and sweatshirts come in. Threadless, for example, often does ‘Ziptember‘ in the fall, where we discount hoodies. Consider doing a zip-up hoody or sweatshirt giveaway, or just highlighting warmer wear like hoodies and sweatshirts in your promo images and homepage.

Zip Pouches

Large zip pouches are the third top selling accessory in Artist Shops, and small zip pouches aren’t far behind. Zip pouches are another prime back to school sale item that spans across multiple ages and demographics: younger students who want cool looking pencil cases, art students who want different pouches and different sized pouches for their art supplies, charcoal pencils, and copics, etc.

Sherpa Blankets 

It might be a little early to be looking towards trading those cool summer sheets for a thick and fuzzy sherpa blanket. But these are perfect for those fall camping trips, sitting around the fire on a cool autumn night, etc. Try doing an outdoors fall photoshoot featuring people wrapped up in a sherpa blanket outside (and drinking from their trusty mug from your shop, of course). Or, create a “Labor Day Camping Survival Guide” featuring a sherpa as a must-have.

Baseball Triblend Tee

While people aren’t super setting their sights on traditional long sleeves quite yet, baseball triblend tees are a fabulous fall style that often gets overlooked. These long sleeve shirts are super light, so they don’t overheat you in the in-between seasons. A great comfy long sleeve shirt to promote during this time.

Laundry Bags

Two words: college kids! One of the newest additions to the Artist Shop lineup, laundry bags, is a great item to promote for kids going to college (and who might just be learning how to do laundry). It might be fun to create a “How to do Your Own Dang Laundry” guide for kids going off to college for the first time, with step-by-step photos featuring your laundry bags.

Kids Styles

Think of the children! If you’re thinking about running a back to school sale – although there are a few different audiences you can reach – make sure you have kids styles 1: in your shop and 2: that you’re promoting those styles!

Top Sellers

While it’s definitely useful during end-of-summer or fall sales to use fall-related clothing and accessories in your product photos, homepage, social media, etc., it also doesn’t hurt to know what items do best in shops. So to cut right to the meat ‘n potatoes, here are the top 5 best selling items in Artist Shops in the past 90 days (from when this post was written): 

  1. Classic t-shirt (black)
  2. Tote bags and mugs (these were tied for second place)
  3. Unframed fine art prints
  4. Zip pouches
  5. Notebooks

Check out all the different types of products you can add to your Artist Shop!

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Featured illustration by Katie Lukes. 

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