Update: Artist Shops products on Threadless!

***UPDATE!*** Exciting news! Now you can search for Discover products and Artist Shops right on Threadless.com! You and your customers can now search for Discover Products as well as for Artist Shops by design title, Shop name, by tags, and even filter by department and style on Threadless! You asked, we listened, and the wait is finally over. What are you waiting for? Try it out here!

Putting your shop together is easy. Getting your shop in front of new eyes? That can be tough. Which is why we just launched a brand new way for you to get more customers by making it easier for people to discover your shop. Introducing Discover Artist Shops!

Ever since the early days of Artist Shops, the biggest request we’ve gotten from shop owners is that they wish they were more discoverable on Threadless. Because at the risk of stating the obvious, marketing yourself all on your own is hard! But with the Discover Artist Shops feature, your shop and your designs are now discoverable right on the Threadless.com, giving you a whole new way to market your shop (on top of things like posting on social media and creating a solid SEO, of course!) by connecting you with new customers.

Located in the ‘Participate’ drop-down menu at the top of Threadless.com (see below!), Discover Artist Shops lets people browse new, popular, and trending designs (a.k.a designs that were recently purchased from a shop). 

Of course, if you don’t want to show up in the Discover feed, that’s ok! You can always jump to your dashboard and deactivate the feature in your shop settings (you won’t hurt our feelings). But there are tons of ways that Discover Artist Shops can really help boost your shop because it:


‘Discover’ makes it a whole lot easier for customers to find and search for new shops and designs. And with the ability to ‘like’ designs, share them, and buy them right there, discovering new shops is fun, too! (Think scrolling through tumblr’s dashboard and discovering new posts and tumblr accounts.)


What better way to grow an audience than to connect with one that already exists! With almost 17 years under our belt (er, under our tee?), Threadless has grown a large, global online customer base and community. And the ‘Discover’ feature will let you tap directly into that audience and will put your products right in front of their browsing eyes!


The Discover feature’s got some brains. Your shop won’t just pop up once on the feed – if you regularly upload new designs or sell a design, your design will show up on the ‘new’ or ‘trending’ page automatically.


Want to see clever and unique ways other Artist Shops owners are innovating with their products and social media? Curious about what designs are doing well? Just want an awesome tee, tank, or tote from a fellow shop owner? Go forth!


The current Discover Artist Shops is only version one, and it’s definitely not the last! We’ll be adding a ton of features to Discover that will make it an even smoother place to find shops like yours. In the near future, you’ll be able to…

  1. see a feed of designs from shops you follow.
  2. search for designs. ✔️
  3. view all of the designs from a single shop. ✔️
  4. “high five” designs you love.
  5. order Artist Shop products from multiple shops in one order right on Threadless.com so you don’t have to place multiple orders, making the process way quicker.

.     .     .

Now of course, the ‘Discover’ tool doesn’t mean you’re off the hook when it comes to marketing yourself – that’s always key. But our main goal with Artist Shops has always been to take the frustration out of having your own online store and building your brand, and the ‘Discover’ feature is another tool that will help you spread the word about your shop and make you more find-able. So go forth and see what it’s all about!

Discover the “Discover Artist Shops” feature!

.     .     .

Illustration by Katie Lukes

Want to start an online business? Try Artist Shops for free!


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