Celebrate Small Business Saturday With These Amazing Artist Shops!

Happy Small Business Saturday! Whether you’re an artist selling your own work, a craft brewer, or a bookstore owner, running a small business is hard work. That’s one of the reasons we started Artist Shops in the first place – to make it just a little bit easier for artists and businesses to sell their merch in a hassle-free way. And that’s why we love Small Business Saturday – it’s a chance to celebrate the the Mom and Pop Shops, the independent businesses, the full-time creatives working hard to run their own business from scratch. And this year, we wanted to feature a few Artist Shops as independent online businesses that are really crushing the game. Here are 37 Artist Shops to discover and to support in honor of Small Business Saturday! (And don’t forget, you get FREE SHIPPING on Artist Shops orders above $45 US / $80 INTL until December 15th, making it even easier to support independent Shops!)

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Juleah Kaliski

Toy Skull

Porky Roe Buck

Celtic Hammer Club



CLG Designs


Dire Raven Art

Critical Shoppe

Calamity Ware


Icky the Great


Cruz Droid

Chromium Duck




Charlie Digital Design

Mindful Tee



The Chumpies


Big Red Hair

Jamus + Adriana

Jodi Toews Design

Inked in Red

Mike Petzold Art

Buster & Bear



Lode Studio


Animated State Designs

Wynn Art

An Authentic Piece

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Inspired to discover even more amazing Artist Shops and small businesses to support? Find new ones on the Discover page on Threadless!

Want to start an online business? Try Artist Shops for free!

Featured illustration by Katie Lukes. 


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