Announcing the Artist Shops Accelerator Program!

Want a financial boost to get your creative business up and running? Now’s your chance! Introducing the Artist Shops Accelerator program! Threadless is giving out $100K between four lucky shop owners to help them grow their Artist Shop into a successful, thriving business in 2018. That’s $25K you could put towards funding a solid Facebook ad marketing plan, new art supplies, to hire assistants, for securing a booth at a comic convention – the possibilities are endless!

So what do you have to do to be eligible for this amazing opportunity? Besides publishing your shop, there are a few things you need to do to get your shop extra polished:

  • Have at least three designs uploaded
  • Have a completed About page with links to your active social media profiles
  • Include lifestyle imagery in your homepage collection
  • Have a header image and logo
  • Include descriptions for each product offered
  • Have at least one post on social media promoting your shop
  • Plan to run at least one holiday promotion for your shop (utilizing the Global Pricing Tool, posting about Free Shipping, etc.)

Besides making your shop look extra amazing, you’ll also have to fill out an application stating why you think you would be an amazing candidate (and you can download those questions ahead of time to think about them right here!).

Starting a business is hard. That’s why the Artist Shops Accelerator is the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your very own brand and successful creative business with a financial boost that will open you up to endless possibilities to grow your creative business. You can grow your shop, your work, your brand into something beautiful. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Accelerator before December 31st, 2017!

If you have an Artist Shop, go get it prepped and/or published! And if you don’t, sign up for one now!

Ready to get started? Let’s Go!

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Featured illustration by Katie Lukes

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