Step Out of Your Creative Comfort Zone

“The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configured new perspectives and conquers fears.” – Dan Stevens I’ve always been amazed at comedians. Because stepping out of their comfort zone is a job requirement. That awkward puberty phase of a comedy routine where jokes fall flat or totally bomb isn’t optional: you can’t know which jokes work by thinking about them, you have to test them out. Comedian Gad Elmaleh stands outRead more

How to Get Bloggers and Influencers to Promote Your Product

While it’s always a good idea to have a blog for your business, getting other blogs to post about your product or online shop is not only super flattering; it’s also a great way to tap into their audience to promote your stuff! But anyone who’s tried emailing everyone from bloggers to journalists knows that more often than not, you get radio silence before you even get a “no thank you.” Here are some helpful guidelines, examples, and an example email you can copy,Read more

Case Study: How to Market Your Comic Book

Unless we’re talking about the Batman, Superman, or Green Lantern logo, the idea of having apparel for a comic book or graphic novel – especially up-and-comers and indies that are just finding their audience – might not seem worth the time. But there are some unexpected ways that having an apparel shop can hugely benefit comic book creators and artists online as well as offline. Here are a few clever ways that will show you how to market your comic book with anRead more

How to Get Your Online Shop Ready for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…especially for making sales! ‘Tis the season to get gift shopping, and because of this, the holidays are prime time for your to get an extra boost in sales and publicity for your shop. Here are a few tips for how to get your online shop ready for the holidays! .     .     . Update Your Cover Photo with Holiday Cheer & Sale Info Making a holiday-ized version of your cover photo is aRead more

10 Ways to Kick Artist’s Block in the Butt

Whether you’re not feeling inspired, worrying that a piece isn’t going to be good enough, or just can’t think of anything to draw, we’ve all had creative block before. We get it during work projects, when we just want to draw for fun, when we’re writing posts about it (ahem…) Ahh, yes: the creative struggle is very real. But the biggest mistake we can make with creative block is to let it get to us. There are many ways to ease yourselfRead more

How to Make a Promotional Calendar

We’ve all faced the regret of a holiday or event rolling around, only to totally miss it or to half-ass it, whether it’s happened to you as a shop owner or just someone trying to be social. The struggle is real. But for Shop owners, this can mean missing important opportunities to boost your sales. Knowing how to make a promo calendar is a key part of efficiently planning out what holidays you want to plan promos and sales for,Read more

Free Textures For Your Art

Ever look at a piece of art with a distressed or dappled look to it and wonder what crazy process the artist used? Well you’re in luck! The distressed look is actually easier to achieve than you’d expect; all it takes is textures.  From old crinkled paper, to chipping paint, to splotches of paint, textures can be made up of almost anything and are an artist’s best friend. They can provide a finishing touch and extra element of intrigue to any art piece. Best of all,Read more

Offer Free Shipping to Your Customers!

You can now offer free shipping to your customers when they order from your Artist Shop! We’ve all had that moment; you’re shopping online, you’ve got a full cart, and you’re looking at the price wondering, “to buy? Or not to buy? That is the question…” Then the online store hits you with the sweet, sweet salvation of a “free shipping” offer and boom: your purchase is officially justified enough to hit the “complete my purchase” button. It’s a nice surprise for customers, andRead more

Are You Underselling Your Art?

When I first found out that drink and draws existed, my mind was blown. But drink and draws haven’t just saved me from the FOMO that introverted nights staying in and drawing caused me – they’ve also taught me not to undervalue my own work. At one particular drink and draw, there was a board where artists could pin their work on to sell. I decided to go for it. I slapped a $5 sticker on my drawing, pinned it up, and mentally prepared myself forRead more

How to Build a T-Shirt Business: Week 1

Building a T-Shirt Business Artist Shops is a platform associated with creatives, designers and artists, but it can be used for anything. What I’ll be attempting in this series is to create a new t-shirt business from scratch within the limitations of 30 minutes a day. Expect a lot of hacks, automation and stealing to get this done. Want to read the other parts? Week Two Day One Brand Focus I’ve decided to focus on martial arts as a theme. I’ve trained inRead more

Don’t Let Fear of Failure Hold You Back

Whether you fail a test, get fired with a big fat “F”, or just kinda miss your mouth when you go to take a sip of coffee (you’ve done it, we’ve all done it), failure sucks. It’s the one true four letter “f-word”, the internet’s favorite thing to blast in all caps. So naturally, we all have a fear of failure to some degree. But making mistakes and failing is kind of like the puberty of our creative growth: nobody likes it and it’sRead more

How to Boost Sales With Color

In college, I remember talking to a guy who had a disorder called synesthesia, which caused him to see a splotch of color appear whenever anyone spoke (my voice was purple). He told me the experience was so intense that there are people he can’t even talk to because the ‘color of their voice’ is too gross. Such is the power of color. If you’re seeking the secret to what colors are guaranteed to lead to more sales, here it is: there isRead more