New Product Update: Include Cut & Sew Tees in Your Artist Shop

Ready to wow followers with brilliant designs that use every inch of the shirt as your canvas? Then cut and sew tees are the all-over print apparel of your dreams. This new product means you can feature large format designs or repeat patterns fluidly across the entire garment—and our new Artist Shops feature allows you to easily see the exact design placement from the largest to smallest-sized t-shirt. The superior quality of the t-shirt material, printing inks, and cut and sew technique make your cut and sew tees not only beautifully designed but artisanally made.        

What’s the Cut & Sew Difference?

Cut and sew is an industry technique that features first printing the design on the material before individually cutting and assembling each piece into a garment. This method allows for truly accurate graphic placement, without white streaks along seams, and comfortable fit. 

Since cut and sew tees are uniquely suited for all-over print, they’re the perfect match for dye sublimation printing. Dye sublimation prints your design onto high-release paper that’s then transferred to fabric using heat and pressure. Sublimation, transforming a solid into a gas, happens when the heat changes the solid dye particles into vapor, bonding them to the material’s fibers. That’s why these t-shirts have a softer feel because, unlike screen printing or digital printing, the dye is actually absorbed by the fabric. The eco-friendly inks are designed to last without fading, making your design show up in vibrant, true-to-plan colors.     

Add cut and sew t-shirts to your Artist Shop
Haunted” cut and sew t-shirt design by lxromero  

Cut & Sew Tee Details

  • Cut and sew t-shirts are 95% premium polyester and 5% spandex
  • French Terry cut and sew t-shirts are 85% premium polyester, 10% rayon, and 5% spandex for an incredibly soft feel and comfortable fit  
  • Fabric composition is designed for ultimate wick-ability, coolness, and comfort 
  • Printed and sewn in the United States
  • Unisex sizes include XS to 4XL (note: customers ordering women’s sizes should size down to accommodate unisex sizing) 
  • Handmade to order
  • High definition graphics
  • Artwork on the front and back
  • Order processing requires 7 business days before shipping 

Set Up Your Cut & Sew Design Files

Now that you’re pumped to add cut and sew tees to your shop, it’s time to prep your design files. Download the print file template for all your cut and sew designs. Set up your file for the largest garment, though you’ll also be able to see how the design fits in the smallest size. If your art file is a single image designed to be shown in the center of the garment, consider how the design will be sized on the smallest template and add as much padding as possible. You only need one art file to add each size of cut and sew t-shirt. 

Design Specs:

  • Art files need to be 60.253″ wide x 54.32″ high ( 9038 x 8148 px) to accommodate the largest print area
  • Recommended file types are .jpg, and .png. 
  • RBG color mode and 150 DPI
  • The neck taping will always be black
  • All cuts may have around a 1″ margin of error, so the material can show more or less of the design displayed in the template

Get Selling!

Once your design files are ready, simply upload them to the “Add Cut & Sew” dropdown of the “Add Product” section of your Artist Shops dashboard. Choose the kinds of cut and sew tees you want to include (e.g. men’s and women’s t-shirts, men’s and women’s French Terry t-shirts). Don’t forget to upload your primary image, product title, and background color then click “Create Products” to add more cut and sew products to your shop.   

Need more help creating your new cut and sew designs? Read all about our cut and sew t-shirts in this handy online resource. Want to see how other Artist Shops are applying their designs to the cut and sew tee? Explore our Discover marketplace to find cut and sew designs already for sale by Artist Shop owners just like you.   

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