8 Things Artists Who Sell Their Own Work Hate Doing

Selling your work involves two very different sides of the same coin. On the one side, every artist knows how rewarding it is to start selling their artwork. But every artist ALSO knows that the busywork needed behind the scenes can also take away from time you could be spending creating new work. Le sigh: the struggle is real. Luckily, as creatives, we can all gripe about it together and we can also find solutions together! Here are 8 things artistsRead more

How to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Marketing genius Seth Godin once wrote, “Great marketers don’t make stuff. They make meaning.” Creating a brand isn’t just about selling products; it’s also about selling a story and lifestyle that customers want to be a part of. Having a strong story and personality for your brand can help spark a human connection with people, and that can turn into sales. Find out how to tell a strong story, how it connects you to customers, and why it matters.  .   Read more

Ideas For Creating Awesome Email Marketing Campaigns

Why do you subscribe to email lists? To find out about deals? Because their photos are ridiculously good? Maybe just because their emails are hilarious and crack you up every time? We all get some promotional emails in our inboxes, and it’s time to take note and start sending your own! Sending marketing emails is a great way of delivering urgent deals, limited time designs, giveaways, etc. straight to your customers. Here are some awesome email marketing campaign ideas and aRead more

How Automating Your Social Media Posts Leads to Better Growth

Did you know that every second, about 6,000 tweets are published? That’s a lot of feed-scrolling. When it comes to posting on social media, you have to have some solid content if you want to stand out. And automating your social media posts helps. Think about it; not only does it allow you more time to get creative with your social media posts rather than scrambling to get something up at some point during the day; it also opens you up to a wholeRead more

The Psychology Behind How Urgency Drives Sales

Picture this: you’re waiting in line at a store to get to the register. In front of you, there’s a stand with mini cubbies and shelves filled with cheap, pocket-sized items…and your eye catches a tiny container of fancy hand cream. The line starts moving faster and your heart races – “do I buy it or not? Do I really want to wait in line again or come all the way back to this store? I should just do itRead more

Holiday Countdown: Your Artist Shops Holiday Checklist!

Getting ready for the holiday shopping season can be stressful enough for shoppers. But for online shop owners, between running promos, getting your shop ready, setting up ads, and getting your social media posts planned, it can feel downright overwhelming. So we’ve made it a little easier! Instead of having a big glob of “to-dos” piling up so high that you don’t know where to start, we’ve broken it down for you into five things you have to do for a successfulRead more

Holiday Countdown: Important Holiday Dates to Know

Ever noticed how department stores put out their holiday items earlier every year? Besides giving a new meaning to the term “Christmas in July”, from a sales standpoint they’ve got the right idea. Last year, eMarketer reported that by the end of October, “more than half of holiday shoppers have already begun buying gifts.” And according to the National Retail Federation, last year the holiday sale season represented almost 20% of total retail industry sales (!!). This is the time of year that people haveRead more

Holiday Countdown: How to Get Featured in a Gift Guide

Welcome to our Holiday Countdown series! While the vast majority of us don’t even want to start thinking about Christmas lights until the first snowfall, for those of us in the online store world ‘tis the season to start planning. Like, yesterday. The National Retail Federation reported that for some retailers, the holiday season can account for as much of 30% of the stores’ annual sales.We want your shop to be all prepped for the upcoming holiday shopping season by helping you plan ahead!  It’sRead more

How to Gear Your Back to School Sale to More Than Just Parents

When you think about back to school sales, you usually think about those nostalgic days of being a kid and getting all your awesome new notebooks and pencil cases ready for the year (and finishing that whole summer reading assignment in three days). But back to school sales can appeal to a much wider audience than those who are in school. Here are a few tips on how to gear your back to school sale to more than just parentsRead more

5 Tips for Running a Promotion

Running a promotion seems simple enough. But from the length of email subject lines to using a flat image vs lifestyle photo, there are many factors that impact who clicks what, how good a deal sounds to customers, and ultimately, how effective your sale is. Based on some tricks of the trade that we’ve tried and tested right here at Threadless (after 17 years to boot!), here are 5 things to do when running a sale to make sure it’s super effective!Read more

5 Ways to Make More Money in May

New month, new promos! We reckon that after our March and April promotions, you’re feeling pretty ready for this next list of five ways to make more money in May. April showers bring May flowers, but springtime blooms aren’t the only green we want you to be seeing this May – we also want you to make some bucks off of your Artist Shop. The rules for the May promos are the same: all this month, we’ll be challenging you to promote a specific product orRead more

How to Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Social media always seems like something spur of the moment, sporadic, impulsive. Why else would we have Twitter rants? But when it comes to posts that promote your Threadless Artist Shop and your designs, your content should be a little more thought out and curated as a way of representing you and your brand. And one way of doing that is by planning it ahead of time with a social media posting schedule or calendar. A social media calendar is aRead more