25 Inspirational Quotes for Creatives

I know, I know – quotes may seem a little cliché. But don’t be so quick to count out how motivational quotes can be! Sometimes when you’re in a creative or artistic rut, the best thing to do for that block is to read through quotes spoken by some of the most creative minds, and use them as fuel. So whether you’re hitting an artistic wall, trying to figure out what designs you should sell, or just looking for a new tattoo, here are 25Read more

How to Deal With Trolls

The saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” is sooo 20th century. Because nowadays it’s more like, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, open your computer and say it online.” The internet can be an awesome place for people to connect, share ideas, and get traction for their product. But be warned: here be monsters. When it comes to social media, you want people to happily, helpfully, constructively comment on and share your stuff, toRead more

Sagely Advice From Artist Shop Artists

They say if you want to write, read a lot. If you want to draw, draw all the time. If you want to become a Jedi, go to the swamp planet Dagobah and seek out a small green elf-ish man (creature?) for lessons. The point? Sometimes before you start your shop, create your social media channels, or grab that lightsaber, the best thing to do is to pause and look to those who have done this before, and learn from them. We talkedRead more

Overused Designs: Avoid Them or Embrace Them?

Overused designs can be kind of like exhausted memes, or even fanart at a convention – been there, seen that. But here’s the thing about overused designs – they can also sell. I talked to a few of our artists and product team members, and while the product team members told me about designs that were way overused, artists said that while that’s true, those same designs can bring in some serious money. Sure, there are a ton of “KeepRead more

February Wrap-Up!

In honor of spring creepin’ just around the corner, we decided to get a jump on some of our spring cleaning by organizing some helpful links from around the interwebz for ya! The internet is vast. And it can be hard to filter through which posts are helpful, which are redundant, and which are straight up BS. Sometimes we find resources (blog posts, articles, the occasional funny) that we share amongst ourselves because we find them helpful or insightful. And now, atRead more