4 Clothing Brands That Started Off Small

It’s hard to imagine now how the Starbucks or McDonalds of the world ever had humble beginnings. But every business has to start somewhere. As the old, ancient saying goes, “started from the bottom, now we’re here.” Just like writers read to improve their craft, learning how apparel empires started can help your clothing brand. Here are 4 clothing brands that went from no-name to big-name: Jac Vanek, Johnny Cupcakes, Nasty Gal / Sophia Amoruso, and Life is Good. JacRead more

Pricing: How Much is Too Much?

What’s the price of pricing too high or low? Because on the one hand, you want to charge low enough that people won’t look at your price and go, “pssh I could use that on beer instead.” On the other hand, you don’t want to charge $5 a t-shirt and end up making negative moneys. Much like internship experience, you can’t pay for food with negative moneys. You could risk it and price too high or low, but at whatRead more

How to Build a Consistent Brand

There are many reasons why brand consistency is key. On the one hand, it breeds trust in your audience and, put bluntly, shows you’ve got your shit together. We’ve all come across people who are inconsistent or don’t carry through with what they say – do we ever really trust those people? Of course not! Same with brands. But it goes both ways. Brand consistency also shapes the perception of how your audience sees you by showing them that hey,Read more

The Anatomy of an Awesome Logo

Creating a logo seems pretty easy. But after staring at a blank sheet of paper for a few hours waiting for inspiration to hit, it becomes clear that creating a logo is actually pretty dang hard. The Point of an Artist Logo A logo isn’t just an image – it represents your art style, your vibe, your tone, you as an artist. When you google “logos,” most of what you get are company logos. But your logo isn’t just illustratingRead more

How to Build Your Creative Brand

So I’ll be the first to say it – “build your brand” is one of the most eye-roll-worthy terms ever. It’s one thing to say “just build your brand.” But it’s a whole ‘nother thing to actually do it, and that process sounds more confusing than it actually is — once you break it down. Building your brand is kinda like online dating. Your product is like your profile picture, and what makes that product specific to you is whatRead more