New Feature Alert: Introducing Hi-5 on Discover!

Exciting news! We just added a cool new feature to Threadless Discover: say hi to Hi-5! Hi-5 is a fun new way for Shop customers to show some love to your designs. Now when you look at the designs in Discover, there’s a little clickable heart that appears on the corner of each design. When you tap that heart, boom! You’ve Hi-5’d a design and spread some good vibes. It’s basically the new “like”.

♥     ♥     ♥

How it helps Shop owners

  • Hi-5s show you what designs are working. Hi-5 is a great way to measure which of your designs are attracting customers. It’s also a good way to see which designs by other artists are getting lots of love in Discover in order to keep track of art trends.
  • Discoverability to the max. Designs customers have Hi-5d will save in a tab in their profile, so they – as well as anyone who visits their profile – will never lose your designs. Plus, the more likes you get, the more eye-catching your designs are in Discover!
  • No more tabs, no more lost love. There’s no risk of your designs getting lost in the tons of tabs customers might open while perusing Discover. Your design and Shop will be saved in their profile, so they can revisit (and hopefully purchase) your work in a much easier way.
  • Gets art-lovers engaged. This tool makes Discover more of an interactive experience, and that will keep people scrolling a little longer, giving your art more of a chance to be seen!
  • It’s fun for you too! Spread the love and Hi-5 some designs! This can actually boost your discoverability as well. You can see the usernames of other people who have also liked designs. This 1: gets your name out there the more designs you Hi-5 and 2: Allows you to connect with people who have Hi-fived YOUR designs!

How it helps Shop customers

  • It’s Fun! Who doesn’t like checking out cool stuff and hitting that like button??
  • Tabs, be gone! Again, nobody likes having a million tabs open (computers don’t like it either…) With Hi-5, no designs are lost, no more too-many-tabs crashes while on a deep Discover-binge, and this way users can curate their own collection of Hi-fived designs to share with others or revisit later to purchase.
  • New friends! You can see who else has liked designs in Discover. And if you’re looking for cool new art friends on Threadless, this is a great way to find cool people to follow and maybe even collaborate with!

Who doesn’t love getting a Hi-5 for awesomeness? Give this rad new feature a spin on Discover!

Try Hi-5 Out!

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Featured illustration and GIF made by Katie Lukes.

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3 responses to New Feature Alert: Introducing Hi-5 on Discover!

  1. Phil says:

    I thought it was going to match the high-five icons!? Just a lame heart though. #Sad.

  2. Please rollout the high-five-heart icon feature to the designs on our store pages next! Both the landing page and details pages; otherwise designs will only get hearted on the /discover page…. which goes only 100 or so designs deep, when there are thousands across all shops. Those 100 will accrue all the high-fives… which are hearts… which aren’t “hi-fived” or “loved”, but “liked” — srsly, is there any QA employed in-house there, ever? You don’t want your QA crowd-sourced to people like me and Phil above, we complainers lol #hopeful #1saletoday #highsixed #qualityass #leanstartupBS

  3. So now that the morning coffee is long gone… within /discover, if you hit the new or trending tabs, it results in infinite scroll pages, so technically that is many more than the initial 100 of the the /discover landing. I don’t know why I was so bent about the heart-vs-high5-icon issue. And while the stores do not have the ‘like’ icons, the discover version of one’s page — ‘/discover/w/whatismystorename/’ — does. Carry on, and I’ll speak with my doctor.

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