Best of the Web – April 24th

Here at Artist Shops and Threadless, we are always sharing links to stay up to date on what’s new for creatives. Here are some highlights of what was being talked about on our Slack these last couple of weeks.
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Isometric App

Use this iOS app to create all kinds of images starting with a simple 60 degree rhombus. A fun app with some decent export options. Check out the gallery of user-created images.
Create Some Geometric Artwork

Williams & Harricks

Get your invoices paid with a $3 letter from a legal team. Super useful tool for freelancers that are having a hard time getting payment from a client. From the stellar team at AND CO.
Go Get Those Dollars

Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN.

Love it or hate it, the design of Kendrick Lamar’s latest album does stand out in a sea of black & white VSCO filtered portraits. There’s a lot of talk about the typography but the IMO the photograph used is the brilliant part.
See Why People Give A Damn

Shopify Polaris

Beautiful design system from eCommerce giant, Shopify. A great resource to learn the way all bigger teams should work.
Read And Learn

Free Typeface: Space Mono

I’m a fan of monospaced fonts and this is truly a good one. From the fine folks at Colophon Foundry.
Grab The Font


Not an artist? Try using AutoDraw to turn stick figures into vector images. An interesting use of using a neural network from Google.
Turn your Stick Figures into Something

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Illustration by Katie Lukes

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