Asking Artists: What’s Your Creative Process Like? – Part 2

In the first installment, we explored the intriguing ways artists transition from the initial spark of an idea to a finished piece in their Artist Shop. The journey from concept to creation is as varied as the artists themselves, and we’re excited to delve further into this artistic exploration. In this continuation, we’re featuring a new group of talented individuals, each with their own unique creative process. Discover how they overcome the daunting blank screen, transform their imaginative concepts intoRead more

Asking Artists: What’s Your Creative Process Like? – Part 1

Previously for our Asking Artists column, members of our community showed us their workspaces and explained the type of environment that helps them get in a creative mindset. But once they’re comfortable at their workstation, how do they go from staring at a blank screen to adding a completed work of art to their Artist Shop? We recently caught up with artists to learn more about their creative process. Read about their routines and how they work through creative blocks,Read more

10 Ways to Stop Artist’s Block

Whether you’re not feeling inspired, worrying that a piece isn’t going to be good enough, or just can’t think of anything to draw, we’ve all had creative block before. We get it during work projects, when we just want to draw for fun, when we’re writing posts about it (ahem…) Ahh, yes: the creative struggle is very real. But the biggest mistake we can make with creative block is to let it get to us. There are many ways to ease yourselfRead more

Don’t Get Frozen by Creative Anxiety

“Don’t try to steer the river.” – Deepak Chopra Have you ever come across an old drawing or story that you abandoned because you thought it was trashgarbage only to realize that it was actually pretty dang good? Too often, the ability to appreciate our own work comes to us only in hindsight. But such is the nature of creative anxiety blockage: stopping a project before it can even begin. Creativity and anxiety have gone together hand in hand (er, pencil in hand?) skipping offRead more