5 Ways to Make More Money in March

SO: you’ve got new mugs, notebooks, & phone cases in your Shop, you’ve got your About” Page all filled out, and your Shop’s looking good. It’s a perfect time to run some promotions and make more money!

Between spring break season and the weather warming up in many parts of the world, March is the perfect time for some promos. And we’ve got a little extra incentive for you: every week in March, we’ll be challenging you to promote a different, specific product each week. If you sell a product during the week we’re promoting it, you earn an extra dollar for every sale made! (For example, during the week of February 26th, you get an extra dollar on every mug you sell.) 

Check out the schedule below that shows you which promotions are happening when: 

March Promotions for Artist Shops

During these weeks, any sale made on the promoted product will land you an extra dollar in earnings. Meaning if you order samples of your own products for yourself, you get a dollar back for every sample purchased! We encourage you to order items ahead of their promotion week so you have ample time to take some photos to promote those specific products on social media.

February 26th to March 4th, Midnight CT: Earn $1 on all Mugs Sold
Promote travel mugs all week long by appealing to spring breakers or the travel crowd. Get creative and show off mug designs in fun ways like Grumpy and Geeky or our own Lance Curran does. Tip: Hire your barista friend to make some cool latte art in a few of your mugs and post to Instagram.

March 5th, 12:01am to March 11th, Midnight CT: Earn $1 on all Beach Towels Sold
There’s no better time to promote beach towels than when people have sandy beaches on the brain. Tip: Create an essential packing guide for a weekend getaway including the essential beach towel.

March 12th, 12:01am to March 18th, Midnight CT: Earn $1 on all Tanks Sold
I think we can all agree that one of the best parts of warm weather is shedding the outer layers and letting our arms go free. Show off some muscle tanks at the gym while getting beach ready for the summer. Tip: Draw some characters or people wearing your tanks and lookin’ damn good like David Ardinaryas Lojaya does for his Shop!

March 19th, 12:01am to March 25th, Midnight CT: $1 On Every Product Sold + Free Shipping!
The weeks leading up to this rebate week were good practice, because now things are heating up. During the week you make $1 extra for any and all types of products you sell! Plus, a free shipping code a free shipping code will be coming your way to increase sale!

March 26th, 12:01am to April 1st, Midnight CT: Earn $1 on all Phone Cases Sold
If you don’t have phone cases in your Shop yet, you might want to add them before this week! This is a great week to make an extra dollar on all phone case sold. Tip: Let your customers know all recent models of iPhone and Galaxy phones are available!

.     .     .

We’re an artist community built on the power of helping each other succeed — if you’re reading this and have tips of your own to share, please let us know in the comments! Thank you!

Illustrations done by the amazing Katie Lukes

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