Threadless Introduces Print-On-Demand Dropship Software “ASES”​

Say goodbye to inventory! 

Artist Shops Enterprise Solutions (ASES) utilizes intelligent order routing software and a network of best-in-class make-on-demand manufacturing suppliers to allow businesses to easily tap into and scale a digital supply chain that requires no inventory investment.

Traditional brands and retailers are beginning to realize the many benefits of transitioning their supply chain to digital. But, this transition is not as simple as partnering with a single digital printing supplier. That’s where ASES comes in. Over the last 10 years, Threadless has built a global network of dozens of print-on-demand suppliers and the software to manage them. This network of vendors is necessary in order to meet the demanding capacity needs, ensure the highest quality products, the best pricing structures, quick turnarounds, and redundancy in production facilities necessary for an Enterprise level business.

Access to this new supply chain software provides a huge advantage to businesses of all sizes.

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New companies get instant access to a worldwide network of top suppliers servicing hundreds of product types with no minimum order quantities and zero inventory expense.

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Growing companies do not need to raise funding or invest resources in growing their supply chain. They can instead focus on building their brand and the things that differentiate them from their competition.

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Established companies no longer have to spend resources on supply chain management and efficiencies. They can focus on their core competencies.

In all three cases, the fundamental shift is from mass-produced inventory as a capital investment, to variable costs based on the products actually sold and only paid for after they’ve already been sold. Not only does this save money, but it also increases a business’s flexibility in the areas most important to them.

Threadless has been living these benefits with their own business during a multi-year transition from an inventory-based model to a fully 100% on-demand manufacturing model. Then, upon realizing the software built to accommodate this shift provides massive value in itself–extended the platform for other businesses to utilize as well.

“We knew that there was an unfulfilled opportunity to offer customers Skullcandy branded apparel and accessories on our own website, but we were unsure how to proceed,” says Mark Hopkins of Skullcandy, “We have been down the path of designing and sourcing our own apparel before, and the supply chain, logistics, selection, and inventory challenges were a major headache. ASES is the perfect solution that allows us to explore infinite and exciting product ideas with zero risk, and the technology integrates easily into our existing ecommerce architecture.”

When a customer places an order, the order is routed via API to ASES. The sophisticated routing software then sends the order to the most appropriate vendor(s) based on various data points such as customer location, product mix, supplier capacity, cost, and quality. 

In addition to the supply chain efficiencies, the Threadless brand and artist community bring an unmatched level of quality, credibility, and 20 years of experience with eCommerce apparel, home, and accessory items. ASES clients can also leverage Threadless from a content perspective. The Threadless artist community has created a growing virtual catalog of over 1.5M designs that are ready for print across 100’s of product categories.

Learn more and get in touch with the ASES team at

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