Sneak Peek: 10 New Apparel Products Coming to Artist Shops

Get ready: something wicked awesome this way comes! Over the next few months, we’re going to be rolling out some rad new apparel products for your Artist Shop. We’ll send you a heads up the moment you can start adding them so you don’t miss a thing. But in the meantime, here’s a little illustrated sneak preview of the 10 new products coming soon. 👀

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Real quick: a note from us to you!

We care about your feedback. It’s a huge part of how we strive to constantly make Artist Shops better – for you and for your customers. That’s why all of these new products feature the highest quality material that allows your designs to print with clarity (and is ultra soft to the touch). The airlume combed cotton in the majority of these products eliminates impurities, making the canvas smooth to print on and super soft. Your voice matters – keep letting us know what you think so we can keep making Artist Shops even more awesome!

Heavyweight Tee (Add it now!)


The popular Classic Tee is getting upgraded to the Heavyweight Tee! This tee will include 4XL and 5XL sizes, providing the classic look your customers love but with more inclusive (& highly requested) fits. This go-to tee is made of 100% combed cotton (colors with texture, like heathers, contain a blend of polyester) and is preshrunk for minimal shrinkage risk in the wash, making this a super reliable tee to be worn over and over again. With this upgrade comes a base cost increase from $10 to $15.

Tl;dr: The “Classic Tee” is getting upgraded to the “Heavyweight Tee” to include 4XL & 5XL sizes! The base cost will increase from $10 to $15.

Premium T-shirt (Add it now!)


A top so soft that it will convert even non-tee wearers to the t-shirt life. The 100% combed cotton (15% polyester for heathers) eliminates any fabric impurities and has a tighter weave, meaning a ridiculously soft hand-feel and smooth surface for your designs to print super clear & crisp. The premium tee redefines tee comfort and quality in terms of softness, durability, and appearance. Its mid-weight build (4.4 oz, 34-singles) and true fit results in a breathable, modern look.

Tl;dr: An insanely soft, top-quality tee that will print your designs super clearly, making for an essential wardrobe staple.

Premium Scoop Neck Tee


A fresh, stylish twist on your essential tee. A lightweight build (4.4 oz, 34-singles) gives this fabric a slightly looser fit for a flowy feel and fashionably oh-so-slightly draped look. And with a slightly longer fit and a rounded bottom edge, this tee is perfect for either tucking in or leaving untucked for modern tee styling. The 100% combed cotton (15% polyester for heathers) material makes this an impurity-free fabric that’s as ultra-soft as it is the perfect canvas for printing your designs crisply and clearly. The perfect option for a tee with a feminine and extra-fashionable twist.

Tl;dr: A stylish twist on a tee that can go from chic to chillin’ at home in a snap.

All-Over Print Tees (Add it now!)


All-over print tees have ARRIVED! This super modern style is a statement piece that you’ll want in your Shop as much as your customers will want it in their wardrobe. The 100% spun polyester material* provides a smooth surface for your all-over designs & patterns to appear super crisp, while also looking and feeling like organic cotton. Sign up here to get All-Over Print Tees added to your Shop.

Tl;dr: Get your designs all over all-over print tees, baby!! Sign up here.

*Due to the printing process that makes your all-over designs super vivid, there may be some irregularities.


New Super Soft Hoodies (Add it now!)


Say hello to the new and improved pullover hoodies! Featuring all the details you & your customers love – crossover V at the neckline, front pocket, drawcords, the works – with a super soft twist. This 100% airlume combed, ring-spun cotton (52% cotton/48% poly fleece for heathers/blends) makes these sponge fleece pullovers blanket-soft while also providing an ultra-smooth surface that will allow your designs to appear super crisp. (And yes – sponge fleece is as comfy as it sounds.)

Tl;dr: A seriously soft upgrade to the classic pullover hoody style that your customers won’t want to take off.

New Super Soft Sweatshirts (Add it now!)


A super soft, super stylish remix on the classic pullover sweatshirt. Featuring a relaxed fit with fashion-forward raglan sleeves & a classic crew neck for a refined look, this unisex pullover is as good-looking as it is comfortable. The 52% airlume combed & ring-spun cotton of heathers & solid colors (plus 48% polyester fleece) eliminates any impurities in the fabric, resulting in a sweatshirt with a super smooth surface for your designs to print vividly. This process also makes for an insanely soft hand-feel that your customers will fall in love with. (Tri-blend colors are 50% poly, 37.5% airlume combed & ring-spun cotton, and 12.5% rayon blend.)

Tl;dr: A super soft remix on the original pullover sweatshirt style that you and your customers will love.

New Super Soft Zip-Up Hoodies (Add it now!)


Our new sponge fleece zip-ups are a comfy layering essential your customers can take into any season. The 60% airlume combed, ring-spun cotton (plus 40% poly fleece) process eliminates any fabric impurities, resulting in a zip-up that’s as smooth a surface for printing your designs crisply as it is super soft for your customers. Plus, the new sponge fleece gives this hoody more of a relaxed structure that moves smoothly with the body. New ultra soft feel with the same durable, classic hoody look that’s become a fan favorite. (Heathers are 90% cotton/10% poly fleece).

Tl;dr: A super soft remix on the classic zip-up hoody.

Tri-blend V-neck 


An Artist Shops exclusive! The silkiness of a vintage tee with all the printing clarity & style of today. Made up of 25% airlume combed & ring-spun cotton for comfort, 50% polyester for durability, and 25% rayon to give it the soft, drapey feel that only tri-blends can provide. Thanks to a special dying process, your designs print smoothly over the slightly textured tri-blend fabric without sacrificing design clarity or hand-feel. A subtle V at the neck completes this refined, go-to look. (Black heathers are 70% airlume combed & ring-spun cotton, 15% poly, 15% rayon). 

Tl;dr: V soft V-neck for comfort and a refined, modern-meets-vintage style.

Deep V-Neck


A fashionable & refined V-neck perfect for a night out or a night in. This feminine & fitted tee is made up of 40% polyester and 60% combed ring-spun cotton – a process and combo resulting in an impurity-free fabric that’s super soft while also allowing for your designs to print with crisp clarity. And at 32 single 145g/4.3 oz, this jersey fabric is lightweight and fits smoothly and comfortably.

Tl;dr: A fitted & feminine ladies V-neck that can be easily dressed up or down.

Unisex Longsleeve


A longsleeve style for all frames! The unisex longsleeve tee offers a relaxed look for all who wear it. Lightweight enough to keep your customers comfortable while also warm enough to keep them toasty in the cold months. The 100% combed ringspun cotton makes for a super soft material that’s also free of impurities, making for a canvas that your designs will appear crisp and clear on.

Tl;dr: A fashionable and comfortable longsleeve tee with a unisex fit.

We’re always open to hearing your feedback, both about existing/newly released products and about products you wish Artist Shops had. If there are any products you’d like to see us add, we’re all ears! Don’t hesitate to let us know! 🙂

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Featured image made by Katie Lukes.

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35 responses to Sneak Peek: 10 New Apparel Products Coming to Artist Shops

  1. HIFI says:

    Always bringing good news to the crew. Thanks squad!
    Looking forward to stickers, patches, and hats!

  2. Awesome, these are great additions, I’d really like to get some unique stuff that other companies don’t offer like decals or enamal pins.

  3. Tim says:

    Love all the additions. Was there ever any request to put head apparel up? Hats and the like?

  4. Bobby says:

    Were a lot of people complaining that the classic tee was too reasonably priced and that they were making too much money with the base price of $10? The classic tee already had the rough, cheap feel of a classic heavyweight tee, so are the new shirt’s specs different/heavier or is this just a name and price change? I would be upset but I’m sure that the earnings we’ll miss out on from the increased price will certainly be made up by the “inclusive” 4XL and 5XL sizes that will be just flying off the shelves.

  5. Donovan says:


    I’m not sure a more expensive basic tee is something to get too excited about. I’ve never heard anyone say anything about softness or quality, but price is always a concern.

    I was also hoping for actual new products like stickers, hats, or back prints, which I thought were coming a year or so ago?

  6. I really would like to see truly different pieces from the current offerings available if possible! SnapBack hats, beanie/winter hats, stickers, patches, sleeveless hoodies, and enamel pins would all be great items to start with that I’m constantly getting requests for!

  7. Ivana says:

    It`s great to have these new additions (even though I`m not sure taking the $10 tee off was a great idea) but what I was really hoping to see is:
    – Stickers
    – Hats/Caps
    – Pins

    My audience has been asking for them so I`m acquiring them elsewhere but it would really make my life easier if I could put them all in my Artist Shop.

  8. I don’t feel more t-shirts are really appealing. I would like to see aprons, heavy duty decals for yeti cups or sports gear, hats, and even cutting boards…

  9. Damion says:

    I agree with Bobby, I prefer the $10 classic tee, not many people are going to be flocking to buy the 4XL and 5XL. In exchange the base price increased for everyone else to compensate for 1% of the customer base. Maybe make the 4XL and 5XL a separate category on it’s own as called “Plus Size” with its own base cost of $15 price point. Instead of Increasing the Classic Tee base cost from $10 to $15 for base cost. Or if we don’t want to sell in 4XL and 5XL we can keep the base cost $10 instead.

    I also agree with Donavan, it would be a nice caveat if we could have additional items for accessories category like laptop sleeves, stickers, etc.

  10. I was hoping SnapBack hats would be available, I wasn’t expecting the base price to increase on the classic Tee, maybe just increase the base for the 4xl and the 5xl.

  11. j lomenick says:

    I cant load a file over 10,000 px to make an all over print t-shirt. Im sure Im not the only one. My art program will not support it.

  12. Mel says:

    Id also love to see coasters and cooler bags/ lunch boxes.

  13. Bill says:

    I like it. Bring it on! Like to see all the other too but I guess it’s all about time. I am going to get some specific designs ready. Thank you!

  14. Adonde says:

    Good additions!
    Definitely need front to back prints on hoodies & shirts. If not at least a logo on the sleeve.
    Hats, pins, stickers and wallpapers would also be stuff I’m sure other artist would appreciate.

  15. General Joe says:

    Is this a joke?

    There aren’t any new products here, just more expensive versions of the old ones.

    So many of your customers have asked for stickers, hats, and printing on the front and back.

    Please listen to us.

  16. Steven says:

    A lot of my customers are confused/overwhelmed by all the different types of T-shirts available, so if you are going to add even more categories it would be great if you could include a detailed product description on each of the product pages so they can make an informed decision (without messaging me directly to clarify)
    I agree it is a shame the $10 basic tee is being discontinued as it was my bestseller but I appreciate all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make our shops function ✌️

    • Laurent says:

      “…it would be great if you could include a detailed product description on each of the product pages so they can make an informed decision”.
      100% agreed with that. Custommers need informations on what they buy.

  17. Steven says:

    Ps: also ringer tees would be great (for my line of retro designs especially) and would be a real point of difference to other shops.
    Ok I’m done 🙂

  18. Rain says:

    I would like to see some cute, more trendy tops for girls/women, like croptops, off the shoulder or combination of both.

  19. Brianne from Artist Shops says:

    Excellent suggestions! The updates on this post are focused just on the apparel additions we have rolling out over the next few months. We have other non-apparel items that will be also be rolled out over the next few months!

    And great suggestions about the apparel descriptions! We totally agree and have a project in the works that gives the customer more details and product descriptions on the product page. We’ll make sure to have those updates timed with the apparel expansion.

    • Dee says:

      Another suggestion, please make the XL section a separate one as “Plus Size” Category with the base price at $15, and leave the $10 one as it is right now?

  20. YellowMenace says:

    RE: The heavyweight Tee 🙁 $15?
    Why not $15 for XL sizes & S – L $10?
    People who are larger, for whatever reason take up more fabric.
    Why do smaller folks have to subsidize the oversized?

  21. Ana says:

    Stickers, buttons and enamel pins would be incredible. I agree with everyone else that upping the $10 basic tee is not an upgrade but rather a downgrade. Please consider keeping an affordable option.

    Also, my customers direct message me all the time to ask what brand shirt they are actually getting, or any details at all on the individual product.

    Lastly, I’ve had 3 complaints about t shirts art washing/flaking off after only a few wears. While I LOVE being able to have all these colors, the quality seems to be very compromised.

  22. Joshua Lipka says:

    This is great news and a little bad at the same time. It’s great because my audience happens to be on the larger size has been asking me for larger sizes forever (I have to take orders via Paypal for them and order through another vendor). But it does stink that Classic Tees are getting such a large price increase. We will survive!

    Now what about Stickers and Hats?! 😉

  23. EZO says:

    I’m sad that the $10 shirt is going to be no more, that was the most affordable choice, I think you guys should keep it, I don’t see why you need to discontinue it ;(

    Also, I was excited to see NEW PRODUCTS, and was honestly disappointed with just seeing an update on the existing apparel in our shops, I wanted to see NEW PRODUCTS, I was hoping to see beanie hats with embroidery, patches or enamel pins, stickers, etc.

    BUT….I was HAPPY to see an ALL OVER PRINT, SO THANK YOU FOR THAT! 🙂 I have been waiting and been wanting an all over print, so thanks for bringing that in! 🙂 <3333

    I just ask that you guys should keep the $10 classic shirt, that was a nice price option compared to the other priced tops. People LOVE options, so why take that away? 🙁

  24. Sonya says:

    I’d really like to see the shirts and sweatshirts in brighter colours.
    And workout apparel, along with water jugs, etc would be good because our market is for women working with personal trainers.

  25. Patricia says:

    Thanks for All over print…hope we can print on the sleeves too!

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