Promoting Your Designs on Social Just Got Easier

If you’ve been making art or running an online business for a while, you’ve probably got a comprehensive social media strategy you use to stay on top of your marketing game. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are critical platforms for promoting your work. We’re happy to announce, it just got easier to share your products on social. Thanks to the new Promo Tools feature in your Artist Shop dashboard, you can quickly and easily download images of your designs on products that are perfectly sized to meet social platform image requirements. Find out all about this update to your Artist Shop dashboard. Learn how to make it work for your social promotion plans.   

Start with the Dashboard

If you aren’t already familiar with it, your Artist Shop dashboard houses everything you need to add new designs and products, promote them, and track your sales and growth. Head to your dashboard. Under the options on the left-hand side, select “Promo Tools” under the “Sales & Marketing” category. On this dashboard page, you can download product images from your mobile device or desktop. 

How it Works

Start by selecting the design you want to download from the drop-down menu under the heading “Choose a Design.” All the published designs in your Artist Shop are available for download. With your design selected, choose the product, style, and color you want for your product image. You can also select a message overlay to share if the product’s on sale or if a free shipping promo is active to help draw attention to your designs. Under the image of your selected design and product, simply choose the kind of messaging you want included as a sticker in the image’s upper left-hand corner.

Finally, download the square, portrait, or landscape version of the image based on the platform you’ll be posting it on. Twitter requires the landscape version but either square or portrait work for Instagram and Facebook. You can also download all three sizes at once. Want an in-depth guide for how to use the promo tools feature? Keep this handy article nearby for a refresher when you need it. 

Post Away 

Having high-quality images of your designs on products is essential for promoting your shop on social. With these easy-to-download images perfectly sized for social, you’ll be ready to tackle your comprehensive promotional plan for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Especially during the holiday season, it’s important to stay on top of your posting plan. Consider when you’re promoting your shop on all three platforms and how frequently you’re posting. And remember to mix up product images with lifestyle photography. 

Social Support

Need fresh ideas on how to share your shop and art on social? Take a look at this resource about how to promote your work on social. Step up your game with automated posts for more growth and a strategic social calendar, so you stay on top of when and how often you’re posting. And if you haven’t tried it yet, make a plan to run a giveaway on social for increased engagement with you followers. Now download your product images, make your plan, and get posting! 

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