New Products Update: Magnets and Buttons Are Live

Sharing your art just got easier. Magnets and buttons are available to include in your Artist Shop, and we can’t contain our excitement for these likable, wearable, and magnetic products. Fans will delight in scooping up your designs to stick to their fridges and lockers or pin on their tees, jackets, and backpacks. Both products are an excellent item to add to a shopper’s cart in order to reach shipping minimums. It’s great to have several cart-building products like these in your Artist Shop to provide shoppers with a variety of less expensive items to grab at checkout.   

Pin ‘Em and Stick ‘Em

Both of these products are memorable, lasting ways to share your brand. They’re the perfect to print with your logo and hand out as fun promotional items whenever you’re out in the world sharing your art. Include them at your table the next time you sell your designs at an art fair or give them as a small gift to anyone who signs up for your email newsletter.       

Magnet Details

  • Printed on flexible, 20 mil. vinyl material
  • Black backing
  • Available in 3,” 4,” and 6” sizes 
  • Die cut in the shape of your design  

Button Details

  • Covered with scratch and UV-resistant Mylar for durability 
  • Round shape, available in 1.25″ and 2.25″ sizes 
  • Die-cut image extends to the button’s edge 
  • Affixable with a pin 
Midnight Coffee magnet design
Alternate Reality” design on a magnet by Midnight Coffee
The Second City magnet design
Yes, And” design on a magnet by The Second City
Hope for the Day magnet design
It’s Ok Not To Be Ok” design by Steven Rhodes on a magnet for Hope for the Day

Set Up Your Shop for Success

Before you can start selling your designs on buttons and magnets, you have to prepare your design files. Check out this helpful guide to sizing your design files  Once your design files are ready, simply upload them to the dropdown for magnets or buttons of the “Add Product” section of your Artist Shops dashboard. Don’t forget to upload your primary image, product title, and background color then click “Create Products” to add more products to your shop.   

Need more help creating your new buttons and magnets? Read all about creating them in this product deep-dive. Want a little inspiration to bring your magnetic designs to life? Explore the Discover marketplace to see what other Artist Shops owners like you are designing on their buttons and magnets.  

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