Even More Ways to Sell Your Artist Shop Products

We just made it even easier for customers to buy your products on Threadless with two new updates to the ‘Discover’ section: the shared cart and the ‘Buy Now’ button!

In case you haven’t discovered “Discover Artist Shops” yet, let’s get you up to speed! It’s a page right on Threadless where you and potential customers can find thousands of new Artist Shops designs all in one place (full deets here), making you discoverable to all of Threadless’s audience and connecting you to tons of potential new customers!

What’s so awesome about these updates?

Let’s start with the shared cart (we’re pretty excited about this one). Before, buying things from multiple Artist Shops meant ordering from each individual shop. Which, if you’re trying to order from a bunch of different shops at once, can lead to some hefty shipping costs. Kind of a bummer, right? But now, all the items you add to your cart – from the Discover section and from individual Artist Shops – will show up in your Threadless Cart, saving you time and cutting down shipping cost(Check it out below.)

My Threadless items (dang, she’s got some good taste in designs) in the top part of the cart, and my Artist Shop items in the lower part!

And the ‘Buy Now‘ button (see right) adds even more convenience to the process! Now instead of having to open a million tabs to purchase designs from various shops, you and your customers can just hit the handy ‘Buy Now’ button to add items to your cart right from the feed!

This makes life way easier for your customers, and in turn makes life way better for you! So go take these new features for a spin and let us know what you think!

Upcoming ‘Discover’ Features 

This feature is still pretty new, so we’re still working hard on adding new nooks and pulleys to it every day! Here are two additions to look forward to:

  • Being able to see a feed of designs from shops you follow.
  • The ability to search for designs.
  • Being able to view all of the designs from a single shop.
  • A button to “High five” designs you love.


.     .     .

Featured illustration by Katie Lukes.

Feeling inspired? Try Artist Shops for free and start your own creative journey!


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