Let’s Reflect: The Threadless 2017 Year in Review!

Happy 2018! It’s hard to believe that the ball has been dropped, the kisses have been kissed, and the new year has officially been rung in. 2017 marked Threadless’s 17th birthday and before we start our 2018 resolutions, we wanted to celebrate the Threadless & Artist Shops community with a little year in review. 2017 was an innovative year; Artist Shops became discoverable on Threadless with the Discover Feed, released tons of new Artist Shops features to make Shops even more customizable, acquired shoes as a new canvas for artists, launched our Accelerator Program, started The Threadless Podcast, the list goes on! And all of these innovations had one common goal: to help creatives succeed. Our community – the artists, the shop owners, the art-lovers – made a great 2017 and nearly two decades of the Threadless family, of great inspiration, of great art possible.

Our champagne toast goes to you! Celebrate our creative community with the 2017 year in review infographic!

.     .     .






.     .     .

Featured illustration & infographic made by Katie Lukes.

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11 responses to Let’s Reflect: The Threadless 2017 Year in Review!

  1. Kapil says:

    It is very less income on an average just $166 per paid authors. It earning is sum of threadless earning and artists shop or just artists shop.

  2. Bob says:

    How is ‘March for Science’ an Artist Shop? Its an organization using your platform to produce shirts for their cause. Poor choice.

  3. Torrie says:

    Passive income is so passive. It is just $166 per year. Which means almost 15 dollars per months. How any artist can survive on this.

  4. Bob says:

    “Artist Shops aren’t limited to single Artists, lots of Non-profits, organizations, and groups use Artist Shops to turn their Art into cool Products.” This is so dumb. Basically THE UNITED NATIONS(organization) or Doctors Without Borders(non-profit) could start an “Artist Shop” So, “Brianne” I am not ‘stoked’ some organization won when I busted my chops bringing almost 100 designs to this shop BY MYSELF as an ARTIST. SHAME ON THREADLESS.

    • Justin says:

      This is so lame… These guys are big brands, they don’t need a threadless artists shop to sell their designs. Even their designs are not that impressive. There are way better designs on threadless than those guys, who deserves more sales. Threadless should be to empower artists not anyone can open a shop. This is so unfair.

      • Bob says:

        Thank you Justin. I thought what you did. But it was a lie. Makes me wonder who or how this was even decided. SO SO LAME. SO MUCH SHAME.

        • Brianne says:

          The March for Science shop was solely the shop with the most sales of the year, so no decisions were involved in that stat. Artist Steve Rhodes was the second top-earning shop. Side note, these Year in Review stats don’t affect who wins the Artist Shops Accelerator program. We’re still reviewing those artist applications and the 4 winning artists will be announced in the next couple weeks!

  5. Pete says:

    Still confused how Artists and organizations are basically the same thing in the eyes of Threadless…

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