Is Your Product Lineup Complete for the Holiday Season?

The holidays are underway! With Thanksgiving almost over, consumers turn their attention to their holiday shopping lists. That means it’s time for you to turn your attention to your online store. Now’s the time to think through everything your customers need and are looking for during the holidays (so when they land on your homepage, they’ll start shopping).    

One key component of your holiday prep is your product lineup. Making sure you’ve got everything shoppers have on their list (and some extra, fun cart-builders) will set your shop up for successful sales. Take a moment to consider your product lineup and if needed, add important categories or items you’re missing. 

Whatcha’ Wearing?

It’s no surprise that apparel is the best-selling category for Artist Shops. The regular t-shirt is typically Artist Shop owners go-to for sales. The odds are good you’re already selling your designs on regular tees. Make sure you offer black tee versions of your designs—the black tee sells best for both men and women. Take a look at all the styles of tees available, and maybe add a few more options for holiday shoppers. 

After t-shirts, we recommend adding sweatshirts and hoodies to your apparel lineup. Especially in winter, it’s important to give customers an option to add an extra warm layer. But really, customers buy long sleeve apparel throughout the year, so don’t miss out on long sleeve products. Here’s our breakdown of sweatshirts by style. 

Stick It! 

Coming in as the best-seller just behind black t-shirts, stickers are your cart-building best friend. You definitely want as many of your designs available on stickers as possible (meaning, all of them). They make great add-ons for orders of all sizes. Because they’re easy to pack and ship, stickers are perfect for gifting (good thing it’s the holidays). So if you don’t have stickers in your shop, there’s really no excuse. Review this guide for how to add stickers to your shop and then how to optimize your designs for the product.  

It’s About Art, After All

Art prints are your next-most important product to feature in your lineup. It’s logical (you’re an artist, after all) that customers want to buy your original art. Here’s your chance to share some designs that just don’t make sense in any other product format, but they’re perfect for prints. Give customers the least expensive choice (simple prints) and then add a few fancier wall art options (framed prints). That allows shoppers to pick up some of your art across a range of price points. All wall art is printed and manufactured in the United States. 

Drink Up 

Mugs are an everyday staple accessory. They’re collectible and inexpensive enough that customers will buy them as gifts and grab them to keep. Make sure you’ve added the classic ceramic mug to your product lineup. Consider adding black ceramic mugs, travel mugs, and latte mugs as a way to diversify shopping options. Remember to rethink designs specifically for each product or start with the product in mind before you create. Here’s a guide to help you think about design placement on non-apparel products.   

Holiday Cheer from Ear to Ear

With an array of best-selling products available for holiday shoppers in your Artist Shop, you’re sure to sell more and spread the joy of your art this season. If you need any help adding the best-sellers we share above, or any other products to your shop, review this in-depth resource. Put in a little extra work before the holidays hit to help shoppers get everything on their gift lists.  

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