How to Prep Your Artist Shop for Summer

This Summer will be different than any before it, and with that in mind your approach to the designs you showcase and promote may be largely dependent on where you and your customers are in the world, and just how open those particular areas are.

To that end, we wanted to provide some easy tips on the best way to get your Artist Shop into summer mode. Summer is a time to be outdoors – albeit a physically distant outdoor time – and warmer temps. With those temps comes the need for cooler clothing, colors, and related accessories!

1. Theme what I mean?

Think of a theme that relates the season, but get creative with it. Is it simply a beginning of summer sort of thing? Or does it live somewhere in the middle or even end? Does it speak to pool time, or an epic road trip? And then, how can these decisions manifest themselves in your Artist Shop? Designs and products, certainly, but think about your shop itself. Consider custom collections, a new banner that ties the theme into all branding aspects, or maybe even a special homepage collection complete with lifestyle imagery.

The Cabin Supply Co. does a wonderful job of tying everything together thematically – from its logo, banner image, colors, designs, and photography. What is your shop’s version of this?

2. Get Trendy

The internet is a wonderful place filled with very smart people who share things. So leverage this breadth of knowledge and trends to your advantage! Namely, color trends for summer. You may have a limited palette with which you already work – and that’s perfect – but if you’re looking to spread your wings a bit, you can reference these lovely swatches both in terms of the color of products you offer AND the designs you create. OR do you have a unique take on a color palette for summer thanks to your aesthetic choices? Let’s see what you got!

While these trends show a wide range of options, they may not be quite right for your shop. How can you tweak them to make them your own, while still leaning into these trends a bit? See more color trends on Pantone’s site.

3. Put the PRO in promo

Short version: plan ahead AND for the entirety of the summer. How often will you add new designs? How often will you promote these designs as well as your existing ones? Jot it down and stick to the frequency and daily and weekly schedule, changing up how you get from point A to point B with regard to imagery and copy.

Can you post once a day? Or if you’re slammed, try for every couple of days at least. Looking for a quick way to dial in a 5-day promo? We got you. Ensure your posts feature a mix of stuff that’s straight up promotional as well as your art. 

After all, why do your followers follow you? Play the empathy game and consider what THEY’D like to see, and what will best resonate during warmer months? How can you change up your lifestyle photography to reflect those summer vibes? Answer these questions and start forming a promo plan that not only works for you, but works for your art AND your customers.

4. Come sale away

However you do it, discounts in some form work wonders. Think: free shipping, a percentage off of everything, or perhaps lowering the price on select items (read: tanks and beach towels)? If you’re opted in to Managed Pricing and Promotions (MPP, for short) we handle these adjustments for you to be in line with bigger sale initiatives we have going on. That way your goods are on sale with the larger Threadless Marketplace, and provide a larger exposure opportunity.

5. Limited time only!

How can you leverage your Artist Shop to create something that’s limited? While there isn’t a way to handle a limited amount of inventory, you can limit the amount of time a particular design is available, and even what that design is on. Is there a color variant or new design perfect for Summer on a lightweight tee or tank? Offer it up a part of your Summer Sale but only for a week, month, or for the season! Note the timeline in your design description, and then match that same language in any promotions you do.

Archie Comics has frequent limited time sales on unique designs, and it’s worked incredibly well for them – both for that specific designs, not to mention add-on sales.

There’s no one right way to make summer in your Artist Shop memorable and profitable, but we hope these quick tips will make it at least a little easier for you. The important takeaways are to ensure your fans and customers are enticed and delighted with art and products that are truly yours, and all of the promotional messaging you send out and the shop itself is cohesive and representative of YOUR version of summer.

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