How to Add Threadless as a Branded Partner on Instagram

According to Instagram’s Business Team, “68% of people say they come to Instagram to interact with creators.” If you’re an artist, there are thousands of unreached users out there who would love to discover your art and get to know you better. Instagram’s Branded Content ads enable businesses like Threadless to promote your branded content posts as ads targeting audiences beyond the people who already follow your account. If you’d like a chance for our social media team to boost your Instagram posts, then consider adding Threadless as a branded partner.

Pending our approval, when you add Threadless as a branded partner for posts advertising your Artist Shop, they’ll be labeled as a “Paid partnership with Threadless.” If you allow Threadless to boost these posts, then we can promote them as ads coming directly from your handle. Companies such as Old Navy have seen higher engagement with ads coming from a creator’s handle rather than the brand’s own handle. Again, that’s because Instagram users are interested in creators like you! These Branded Content ads have the potential to grow your following and ultimately increase sales in your Artist Shop.

Continue reading for a step-by-step guide on how to add Threadless as a Branded Partner on Instagram. If our social media team approves your post, there’s a chance it may appear in Instagram feeds as a Branded Content ad.

First Things First: Enable Branded Content on Instagram

1. If your Instagram profile is set as a personal account, you must switch it to a business or creator account. In your settings, tap the link that says Switch to professional account and follow the instructions.

2. Once you’ve switched to a professional account, access your Professional Dashboard at the top of your profile. Then, find your Branded content tools.

3. Under Status, open Set up branded content tools. On the next screen, tap Enable. Now you’re all set!

Adding a Branded Partner to a New Post

1. Set up a post as you normally would. Select a photo or video, apply your favorite filters, and write a caption. On the final screen before you post, scroll down and open your Advanced settings.

2. Next, go to Branded Content and turn on Add paid partnership label. Then, open Add brand partners. On the next screen, search for Threadless and tap Add.

3. Instagram will then ask if you’d like to request approval to add Threadless as a branded partner. Select Continue to send your request, then tap the top right arrow on the screen.

4. Next, turn on Allow brand partner to boost. This will enable Threadless to share your post as a Branded Content ad. Afterward, proceed publishing your post. While you wait for Threadless to approve or deny your request from earlier, your published post will say Paid partnership under your username. If you receive approval, this text will change to Paid partnership with Threadless. If your request gets denied, Paid partnership will disappear from your post.

Adding a Branded Partner to an Existing Post

1. Go to the post on your Feed, tap the three dots in the top right corner, and Edit. On the next screen, tap Add paid partnership label under your username.

2. Turn on Add paid partnership label and open Add brand partners. On the next screen, search for Threadless and tap Add.

3. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 from the previous section, then save your post.

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