How Much Should You Charge for Your Art?

Any creative, artist, and entrepreneur can relate to the tricky business of figuring out how to price your products. How much is too much? Too little? While it’s only natural to worry about overcharging, you also want to be sure you’re charging enough so that you’ll actually make money, whether it’s for yourself or for a good cause. That’s why we created a tool that will make calculating your prices a snap: the Artist Shops Pricing Calculator. 

Those of you who can relate to, “Damn it, man, I’m an artist! Not a mathematician!” rejoice! This spreadsheet will do the math for you. Just find the product you want to test out, enter what you want to charge in the “Your Price” column next to the product of choice, hit enter, and voila! Your profit will be calculated in the next column.

This is a great tool to use before changing all of your prices with the global pricing tool for promos, when you’re first setting up your shop and figuring out how much to charge, etc. Open it below, download it, then test out your own pricing!

Get the Artist Shops Pricing Calculator

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Featured illustration & infographic made by Katie Lukes.

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