Grow your Artist Shop sales with an email newsletter

Fact: The best thing you can do to grow your shop sales is to start an email newsletter.

Here’s how start a newsletter for your shop in just a few steps:

Sign up

First, sign up for an account with your favorite email service provider. For the purposes of this article, let’s go with Mailchimp. We use Mailchimp at Threadless and if you sign up for an account using this link, you will get a $30 credit on your account. Mailchimp is also free for your first 2,000 subscribers!!!

When you sign up, Mailchimp will walk you through a number of steps to get your account all set up. You’ll choose a username and password, and then activate your account via an email they will send you. Next you’ll need to give some basic info like your name, your business/project name, your website (use your shop address), and mailing address (for anti-spam law compliance). Then they’ll help you through building your list, connecting your social media accounts, and walking you through some of their own marketing tips. It’s a great onboarding experience and there is a lot to learn in there.

Once you get through the initial account setup, you will get to a screen like this:

You can skip the “Connect your store” step and go straight to either designing your email or adding your contacts.

Design your email

You can choose to design your email in a few different ways. I’d suggest using Mailchimp’s built in templates, like the “Simple Layout” template. You can easily add your logo and customize the colors, text, and links in the email using their web-based tools.

I used these tools to make my email look like this:

Make sure that if you add images to your email, you are linking them somewhere. It’s important to have a clear call-to-action in your emails so your recipients know where to click and what to do. A nice big “SHOP NOW” link is very effective in driving clicks from your emails over to your shop.

Add your contacts

Next, you’ll need to start building a list of contacts to send your newsletter to. (We wrote a whole post about building an email list here. Be sure to check that out as well!)

A good first place to start is your customer list of people who have already bought from your shop. In your Artist Shop Dashboard, go to the “Orders” section and download a CSV file of your customer information. Then, import this file into Mailchimp. You should do this before each email you send to continue building your list.

Another way to build your list is to manually add any friends, family, or other contacts that you’ve built over time.

Lastly, you can integrate an email newsletter sign-up form to your shop. We can help you with this step. In Mailchimp, click “Lists” on the top of the page and then choose “Add a pop-up form.” Design the form you’d like to add to your shop and then send the code snippet that Mailchimp provides you to our shop support team at We can then add that signup form to your Artist Shop on your behalf. 

I designed mine to look like this:

(When you click the “Generate Code” button at the bottom of this screen, that is where you will find the code snippet to send our shop support team.)

Send your first email

Once you have your email designed and you’ve added your contacts to your list, you are ready to send your first email newsletter! We recommend you send an email to your newsletter at least once a week. There are many different reasons to send a newsletter, including:

  • Releasing a new design in your shop
  • Adding new product options to your shop
  • Running a “Free Shipping” promotion
  • Running a sale price promotion
  • Refreshing your shop’s design
  • Adding a collection of products or designs
  • Encourage your customers to follow you on social
  • It’s a holiday and you have the perfect design for the occasion

Good luck with your new email newsletter!

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12 responses to Grow your Artist Shop sales with an email newsletter

  1. Fiona says:

    You recommend manually adding e-mail addresses to your new mailing list, taking them from friends, family, contacts you’ve made, and customers who have previously ordered from you. You may need to clarify this as, certainly in some countries, this would be illegal. For example under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which requires people have to specifically opt in for who is using their data and to what purpose – meaning they have to sign themselves up. What is the situation for customers who have ordered from our artist shops – have they given explicit consent to be added to any artist mailing list? In the UK (and Europe), under GDPR, I wouldn’t be able to manually add an e-mail address to a mailing list without proof that the person had given me permission to do so – and the date that they gave that permission. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Cecil Mungal says:

    A clear and simply information for marketing your artist shop. Thanks for the info.

  3. WeirdPeople says:

    I also live in the EU and as Fiona pointed out under the new GDPR we all had “fun” with last year, it is not allowed to simply add people. BUT 🙂 The article links to where it is suggested to not add your customers to the list, but simply send them an email to thank them for their order and suggest that they could subscribe…You are allowed to contact your customers simply because they are your customers for non-promotional stuff like thanking them once for their order… Technically they are not your customers because they ordered at threadless, but close enough 🙂 And to place a newsletter subscribing form under this blog post is btw a fantastic place, well done 🙂

  4. Susanne Floe says:

    Will you add other sign up forms than MailChimp? I use Mailrelay. Thank you.

  5. Glen Morris says:

    This is a very professional article. I like the way you explained here. Clearly understandable and quality content.

    I hope this blog will help me out to grow my business.
    Great thanks to you. Please keep sharing.

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