Fall Design Tips and How to Stay Seasonally Relevant

Before the season starts turning, it’s valuable to make a plan for new fall-inspired designs to add to your online business. While creating designs that embody your brand and resonate with your current audience is important, your shop can benefit from offering a variety of designs that appeal to an even wider customer base. Don’t abandon your brand’s aesthetic and tone, just apply it to seasonally relevant themes, colors, and products. Then when customers explore your Artist Shop as the season unfolds, you’ll have an array of on-brand and in-season art ready for purchase.    

Consider Color, Topic, and Trends

Create new designs that lead with a richer, more lush palette for an autumnal feel. Pantone releases their official color palette well in advance of the upcoming season. Their 2019 fall/winter colors offer a pleasant mix of expressive, warmer tones and full, darker hues for a balanced aesthetic. Pull colors from their palette or simply use it as inspiration for your own fall color scheme. 

Pantone's 2019 fall/winter color palette
Pantone’s 2019 fall/winter color palette

Make the focus of your new designs more seasonally relevant. Designing work that features topics like nature, animals, and classic autumnal activities is a solid way to give your customers fun fall styles. Don’t stray from your brand’s tone, just think about expanding your topics and color schemes to play with fall vibes.

For example, if your design aesthetic is more morose, create new designs that feature skeletons picking apples in an orchard, drinking cider, or crunching through leaves. If your subject matter is typically upbeat and light, you could make art that includes kittens frolicking in a pumpkin patch. Once you have several new designs that highlight fall, group them together in a themed collection. Title the collection something intuitive, so customers looking for fall art will understand from the collection’s name the kind of designs it contains.     

Plan for Upcoming Holidays

Think ahead to the many holidays this fall and winter. No matter how you feel about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all the winter holidays, give your customers your artistic spin on them with new designs. Fresh collections for each holiday are a great way to offer your customers options for gift giving. Stay seasonally relevant on social media with new holiday-related designs, using the focus of the new work to drive traffic to each unique holiday collection. 

Update Your Product Lineup 

With colder weather on the way, you’ll want to add fleece-lined and seasonally appropriate products to your offerings. Make sure you’re designing with the product in mind, shifting graphic placement for an element that made sense on a cut and sew t-shirt that might not translate as well on a button. Get your lineup completely up to date by adding the latest Artist Shops products like buttons, magnets, cut and sew t-shirts, and performance t-shirts

When the promotional message you’re telling customers is about being cozy this fall, the sell is much stronger when your designs are on all kinds of cozy-making products like long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, ceramic mugs, and blankets. Highlight the unique aspects of your new products via social media or your email newsletter, sharing details like how the sponge fleece is both extra comfy and warm. 

Fall’s around the corner but don’t stress. Your strategic approach to designing seasonally relevant art will set your Artist Shop up for a strong season of sales. 

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