Celebrate Small Business Saturday With These Amazing Artist Shops!

Happy Small Business Saturday! Whether you’re an artist selling your own work, a craft brewer, or a bookstore owner, running a small business is hard work. That’s one of the reasons we started Artist Shops in the first place – to make it just a little bit easier for artists and businesses to sell their merch in a hassle-free way. And that’s why we love Small Business Saturday – it’s a chance to celebrate the the Mom and Pop Shops, theRead more

DIY T-shirt Printing vs Artist Shops

When you’re starting your own online business, choosing which marketplace to go with or which print plugin is one thing. But one question we get asked a lot is, “isn’t it cheaper and easier to do it all myself?” Oftentimes with online marketplaces, stores, and plugins, there is a fee that comes out of your profits. Even with Artist Shops, while shops are free and nothing is taken out of pocket, we have something called the ‘base cost’, which covers printing (andRead more

100,000 People Are Now Using Artist Shops!

It happened! 100,000 people are now using Artist Shops! We’re so excited about reaching this milestone. Artist Shops have come a long way between the first and 100,000th sign-up; what started out as its own entity has since been made discoverable on Threadless through the Discover Feed. The limited apparel items we originally offered have since expanded into a full lineup of prints, home decor, accessories, and clothing styles. We recently gave the inner-workings of Artist Shops a refresh withRead more

4 Clothing Brands That Started Off Small

It’s hard to imagine now how the Starbucks or McDonalds of the world ever had humble beginnings. But every business has to start somewhere. As the old, ancient saying goes, “started from the bottom, now we’re here.” Just like writers read to improve their craft, learning how apparel empires started can help your clothing brand. Here are 4 clothing brands that went from no-name to big-name: Jac Vanek, Johnny Cupcakes, Nasty Gal / Sophia Amoruso, and Life is Good. JacRead more

Printify vs Printful vs Print Aura Compared to Artist Shops

From getting little league shirts printed to selling custom tees at a college fundraiser, chances are high that you’ve either ordered or bought shirts that were printed on demand. And as an online store owner, where you choose to have your products printed matters; not just in terms of quality, but in terms of profit as well. But when it comes to print-on-demand plugins that you can use to print your online store’s products, it can be hard to know whichRead more

Get a Creative Pep Talk With Andy J. Pizza!

Sometimes, we all just need a good pep talk to get our creativity and confidence into shape. And who better to give that to us than the host of the Creative Pep Talk podcast himself, Andy J. Pizza (a.k.a Andy J. Miller)! Dr. Pizza, as he’s sometimes called, has made a living out of his amazing illustrations and by inspiring and helping artists and creatives from all corners of the artistic world to be their best creative self with a positivityRead more

Introducing 5 New Artist Shops Products!

Just in time for your products to show up on Threadless, there are now even more ways to make your shop a little more awesome! Introducing five exciting new products to add to your accessories lineup: drawstring bags, laundry bags, rope handle weekender bags, bath mats, and sherpa blankets! We’re super excited about these additions to Artist Shops. They’re super giftable, fun essentials that everyone should have in their daily toolbox. Not to mention, they give you even more ways to get creative with promos! Learn all about these brand new products,Read more

Artist Shops vs Redbubble vs Society6: How to Make the Most Money

When you first start selling your designs, online marketplaces can seem like the perfect place to start. After all, sites like Society6 and RedBubble can help grow your audience and make your designs super discoverable, right? But when you take a closer look, it’s far too easy to get lost in the ever-growing crowd on marketplace sites, your customers aren’t yours so much as they are the marketplace’s, and typically? That marketplace host is getting a better chunk of your profits than you are. C’est La harsh realityRead more

How to Build a T-Shirt Business: Week 3

Building a T-Shirt Business: Week 3 Artist Shops is a platform associated with creatives, designers and artists, but it can be used for anything. What I’ll be attempting in this series is to build a t-shirt business from scratch within the limitations of 30 minutes a day. Expect a lot of hacks, automation, and stealing to get this done.  Read the rest of the series here:  Week One & Week Two Day Eleven Social Promotion It’s time to get a couple social media accounts created. I’m going toRead more

How to Sell T-Shirts For Charity

Remember when your college wardrobe consisted mainly of tees that clubs and causes were always selling on campus? Well those booths had the right idea! Whether people buy tees because they’re passionate about a cause or they just like the design, choosing to sell t-shirts for charity is a great way to raise money and awareness for your cause in a way that reaches a worldwide audience.  We’ve seen more and more causes and charities open Artist Shops lately. Since we take care of the manufacturing and order fulfillment, charities and organizationsRead more

5 Ways to Make More Money in March

SO: you’ve got new mugs, notebooks, & phone cases in your Shop, you’ve got your “About” Page all filled out, and your Shop’s looking good. It’s a perfect time to run some promotions and make more money! Between spring break season and the weather warming up in many parts of the world, March is the perfect time for some promos. And we’ve got a little extra incentive for you: every week in March, we’ll be challenging you to promote a different, specific product each week. If you sellRead more

Introducing Mugs, Notebooks, and Phone Cases in Artist Shops!

Your Shop just got a little more awesome! Introducing three exciting new products to add to your accessories lineup: mugs, notebooks, and phone cases! We’re super excited about these additions to Artist Shops. They’re super giftable, fun essentials that everyone should have in their daily toolbox. Not to mention, they give you three new ways to rock your own designs wherever you go! Learn all about the brand new products, the styles they come in, and how to add them to your Shop below! .     .     . MugsRead more