Add New Designs and Promote them Frequently for Artist Shops Success

Want to know one of the biggest keys to success we’ve heard from thriving Artist Shops owners? It’s not just dialing in your audience and really understanding who you’re designing for (though that’s important). It’s not simply hosting a bunch of giveaways on social or constantly running sales (though both of those things are important). 

It may seem obvious, but regularly creating and promoting your new designs is the best way to drive sales and growth for your Artist Shop in 2020. Before you hit the ground running this year, take a moment to reflect on 2019. Consider what makes your art unique and how to share that with your customers through your online business.  

Do What You Do Best

Making art is what makes you an artist. Whatever medium you use—drawing, painting, digital design—your unique artistic aesthetic separates you from the pack. Take a look back on the last year at the kinds of designs you created. Were there common themes? Mediums used? Honing in on what art you prefer to make can help you better understand and plan what you’ll make this year. 

Consider how your followers on social media responded to the art you posted. Were there certain themes that garnered more attention than others? What designs got the biggest reaction from your followers? Now take a look at your sales analytics in your Artist Shop dashboard for a sense of which designs sold best. Did your best-selling designs also get the most likes on social? Did you even post about those designs or drive any traffic to them through email or other channels? 

Don’t Forgot Your Shop

Answering these questions could help you think about how to continue creating designs that sell. While creating designs that embody your brand and resonate with your current audience is important, your shop can benefit from offering a variety of designs that appeal to an even wider customer base. Don’t abandon your brand’s aesthetic and tone, just remember to apply it to themes like holidays, seasons, current events, local features, and more. 

Once you’ve made new art, don’t overlook the power of adding it to your Artist Shop. The most successful Artist Shops are renewing their designs on a weekly basis. No need to go crazy with the quantity of new designs. Start with just one new piece a week. Remember to swap out the designs in your Artist Shop’s homepage collection on a weekly or bi-weekly basis too. The designs don’t have to all be new, but mixing up the order or the products they’re displayed on will refresh the user’s experience browsing your shop. 

Get the Word Out

Promoting your work might feel overwhelming, but it really is as simple as letting the people in your network know when you have new art to share. The easiest and most effective way to do that? Social media. Whatever platforms you’re most active on (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter), make a practice of posting your new art as often as you add it to your shop. 

For refreshed ideas about how to promote your work on social, take a look at this resource. Step up your game with automated posts for more growth and a strategic social calendar, so you stay on top of when and how often you’re posting. And if you haven’t tried it yet, make a plan to run a giveaway on social for increased engagement with you followers. 

Find Your Sales Sweet Spot 

Running a successful business online requires strategy. It’s not a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. If you’re continually focused on offering customers fresh designs on the latest products, then you’ll likely see repeat shoppers and increased traffic over time. 

Set your shop up for a strong year of sales by committing to regularly making new art and adding those fresh designs to your shop. Once the designs are live on products, you have to get the word out on social and via email so your followers can order your latest products. 

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